matt hyland On Wednesday, 13 October 2010

 Talking to Justin really helped to Focus my mind on were to go with this character.

 These are Justin's character structure's for the nerd. I also agreed with him on not going along with the Head Master idea as it was a bit complex trying to it, in a way that he's not going to look like a henchman to the nerd. So I'm in the process of re thinking the sidekick, and that the sidekick should be apart of the hero instead, like another band member.

After this I started looking at objects of what the nerd might use/hold, and from this taking elements of where his surroundings are, as I felt if I understood the concept of his surroundings/lair I could then get a clearer image of what objects and items he might poses.

 (the hair and the proportion lets this image down)
First elements of the hero's side kick. I started looking at the Gorillaz for character inspiration, as they're shapes are quite wacky. 

But then I had an idea of maybe a small monkey or chimp, that plays the drums, and character wise, taking on the Ace Ventura Cartoon's monkey style

 I think the monkey idea is going to be more easier in flexible shapes... (This is also the last page of my sketch book)

This is now my new sketchbook, This time I have bought two sketch books, one being for the Narrative project, and one being for the Character design project.
 Drawing this first nerd of the new sketch book, as I was just about to do the hair, I felt a slight change and thought of doing him bald, to emphasize his "large brain", to express this I used simple curved lines around his forehead.
 feeling that my nerd shape is not fully resolved bet  getting close, I also feel the laps of going back into the strait edge area. Another nagging feeling is that the face looking too kind in a way, since not having the hair. So is it to be hair? or not hair?, maybe I'm getting mixed and matched details.

 I started doing a character face sheet, (not expression sheet)

 With in the tie of this, I started also looking up on gadgets of what the nerd might hold.
I also I thought best to try in keeping with proportions as well, the more I did this, the more he looked older, and grown up, and had lost the small child like appeal to him.
 After looking at the head, with out hair, it started to not look as right, and it started to age the child, and kids aren't bald, so after this I started creating the villain nerd with hair, and I feel that this time he looks far more better
 I also decided to glimpse into expression sheets.
 Also taking a step back and having a new breath I re visited Justin's characters that he designed. So I then shortened down the body making him more child like. The idea of the split coat came from an anime character that I once dressed up as when going to an anime expo once. I also re search back into this character for any more idea's, presently I cant remember the characters name.

I feel for this point now that my character is getting much more closer.

 Talking also with Phil he also pointed me in the direction of the film "Attack of the Nerds" for referencing hair, and (possible clothing) though I think the clothes I also have resaulved aswell.

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