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Fagins Den preview

all the textures need now is to be normal mapped and finallised I'm, happy to how this has come out at the end, the street scene is still in progress, and still will take more time up.

Logo play style

In the idea the main colours would be black, white and the E4 purple, i have an idea of where you can follow the lights swerling around each other to finally end up with the E4 logo, again this is a concept.

thoughts and ideas

The sound bed ive chosen is

Hardcore 1,2 or 3

they remind me of a rave style scene, so taking this aspect I've started looking into the rave styled light show scenes,

looking into the rave style I think this would capture the energy of the music, and the E4 style, so maybe I could make a style of an E4 rave style 10 second crazy energy. The style of the glow sticks make quite nice style and shapes.

a few questions

I have a few questions

As the music peace I have chosen is 10 seconds.

1) How long would the story board have to be for 10 seconds?
(I've calcualated about 10 being a board for each second but I think it would be less)

2) Allong with main music we have chosen, can we add in our own sound effects pending on whats happenning in the scene? (such as bangs and crashes etc.. BUT not editing the music at all)

3) Can edit the logo in the way of *animated* streching and pulling (blendshapes) what is the maximum leaveridge of showing the E4 logo 

Robot tutorial

Fagins lere

all textured and ready to be normal mapped

street scene updatade

n this seen there would be a fog

street scene

street scene is coming allong nicely and is now being constructed and duplicated