matt hyland On Friday, 1 October 2010

I had actually seen this film before, in Btec media. it was quite funny, on how he started from a small theatre, with bad reviews, but then went into the film industry with even worse reviews. This is when you ask the question of why didn't he take on the criticism and improve, the director who he showed his films too, and laughed at him. I think after I would have had a re think, and may have gained more inspiration of other things at the time, instead of trying to power forward with idea's to him that were brilliant.

He waisted lots of peoples money at the time, trying gain money through parties, even begging people to join him. in the end it was an uplifting yet funny at the same time, as he finally created a film, yet was completely badly done, I think also, through the film, he also had bad advice from people, like when he was going to give up on that film, he went into the bar and a directer gave him words of wisdom, that boosted an film idea that he should have gave up on.

Through the film though he never gave up you could always feel his enthusiasm.

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