matt hyland On Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This film at first was a tad freaky as you didn't know what was going to happen or what the Alain was going to do. I  remember watching this film when I was young at some time and I remember the space robot scaring me. I felt that the film highlighted the bad points of humanity, even for today's generation. A small thing that that I chuckled about was kids hat with the NY logo, where we today see that as something modern. I found the film had links with small elements with today. Due to when it was made it also highlighted the politics at the time, and I feel the film was very bold in this way.

The narrative was a play on do not judge on what you don't know, (don't judge a book by its cover). It did this by making something "unknown" become a victim of judgement. when analysing the actual 7 foot alien robot, it wasn't that threatening at all. It was full of rounded shapes, and even when the human like alien came out, he even wore a helmet emphasizing this. The main thing that could have sparked suspicion, was the object he pulled out, that was going to give the government Intel to their race, as it was all spiky.   

The film it's self was the first horror sci-fi film of its kind and sparked a whole new genre of B movie sci-fi films in this style. It can be linked in with star wars and many other styles of films after like also TV programs like Space 1999 and ET.

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