matt hyland On Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Week 2

I was looking up on my blog earlier looking for week two's character design sheets and couldn't find them, and reallized in the fog of the week I had must have forgot.
 This week we learnt about using shapes of characters to build difforent atmosphire's of characters. Squair big build shapes usually are used for Hero's, Tryangles are mainly used for villans, and side kicks can be random and funky shapes.

 Here we where asked to create henchmen for a villan, I chose to used robotic with using lots of tryangles

Week 3

 This week we learnt about using circular shapes to build the structure of a character, we where given characters to draw from, I got mushu, I enjoyed drawing him, and apart from the mouth I got his shape quite close, then it came to creating him into a she, that I found hat for his body was allready quite slender and trying to apply female rules to his body I found tough, but with the help of justin.

 This part of the lesson we learnt about turn arrounds for a character, and I got the character stitch, I found this diffiicult as I've never seen the character propperly in an animation and have rerely seen the actualy character or studied him before so I found this tricky.
 Justin really helped me out in this section up on the body shape.

This took me back to one of the first year projects with doing the character turn arrounds for depessed mushroom.

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