matt hyland On Friday, 1 October 2010

This film was Mad, creepy and weird. I found the film wasn't just changing due what was on the film, but was also the music as well. When the strange face of that guys nightmare appeared from around the corner, the music built up heavier, until the face appeared. The music was also used quite allot on parts that probably didn't need it. BUT through that first point, it came as a trigger to put your self on edge, waiting for some thing like that to happen, even if nothing happened at all. You are also watching several genres of film merged all at once, that is Film noir, love fest, detective, mystery all in one. The film is always slapping you around the face, and keeps the viewer guessing what the film is. how ever not in away that is boring and you want to switch off, but to a point, where you feel like the film is on a roller coaster with invisible tracks and you don't know where it is taking you next.

How this film sets this to be post modern is that the film, keeps you questioning where it is going. But in it's way there's no proper end to the film, it leaves you hanging. The film is fragmented into these twisted situations, from going one protagonist to another, that is smooth and natural. It then leaves you wandering what protagonists story we are watching, the lady in the car crash or the lady as the actress. you also find when it changes this way, the lady of the car crash, completely is removed from the film but is put back in as if the film had always been with the story of the actress. But then there's the fallen Directer who loses his world around him, but through meeting up with a cowboy who gives him a (second chance?) you see the life of him reform. But again the transition between the changes of the protagonists is smooth, in the way it is not like a soap, where it is obvious it is changing from character to character.

This film reminds me of the photograph by Tomas Ruff where its tons of faces on one portrait. It is saying There is no answer and there is no distinguishable identity, and there for no one.

The film is like this Picture, as the film is all many things mixed into one. The film you pretty much could say is about nothing, and it is what ever you want to take from the film its self. You could say it is a bunch of situations that happen, that then borders on this film being drama, yet not a drama for how the film is made out to be created. The more you think of the film the more it swirls around and turns back on its self from the beginning to the end. This film highly links to Post modernism in this way, for that there is no conclusion of the end, there is just theory.

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