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GIGER and hans bellmer


Back to the Giger, with in our cheerleader, we have to create an amaizing sexual like monster with in the style of Giger and hans Bellmer. I have ideas of the face hugger, and the breasts of the cherleader, morphing into something that attaches its self onto the jock that then devours him.   

Taking influence from Giger, these are like  very seductive but also has a strong message of erroticness to them.

would you have geust that these simbolise two womens legs

you could easily put this image as a female aswell

the face is something that does attack and attach its self, and highly sexual, this could have an influence through the tentacle element.

Hans Bellmer

these peaces are another way of how we can morph the alian cheerleader.

I feel that I get a bit worried by these image as its like he's either obsessed or scared of the female form, not as a sense of beauty.

this could be a cool perspective for a shot of a cheerleader, walking down there stair.

some of the images remind me salvador dali mixed with frued with the melting clocks

I selected this due to that getting the idea of muation of the body

creapy concept

The concept that has given me so much head ache is finally complete and I really do like it. trying to capture the world out of a normal generic world is hard. I've deliberately played with lines also on the floor being not the same size to give a strange Alis and wonderland feel. Its also trying to play with the perspective of not knowing the world. The jock took an annoyingly long amount of time with his head position but I hope it looks ok. I still don't like the foot very much I may improve on this at a later date. The cheerleader alien in the black, I didn't want it to be obvious, I wanted it to be the last thing you see in the image than the first. I think this maybe a bit difficult to achieve in a way. but over all I like it though it's been a frustration to complete.   



I feel personally that post modernism is a destructor of society in a way that you can’t talk with out hurting and arguing with someone else’s opinion, and you never know whether your facts are right or wrong for the identity you have your facts supported by may also be false its self. If even language is floored as a fact to be relied up on, what ground to we sit up on. Are we all people bobbing around on mini ice burgs with the frozen sea of nothingness below us?

This is the one thing that gets our knickers in a twist. We all like to feel that we are on safe ground. Like us sitting at home watching TV with life being all well, or us laying at home in our comfy beds, when in the next room there could be a raging fire, or a creepy monster. Postmodernism is this raging fire, this monster that tips the balance of ones opinion into another’s maze of overall thoughts, with no facts. It’s like trying to unravel bullet proof spaghetti with a hammer! BUT alas there is some razed light with this bundle of theories, and that is the unbound freedom to create and to develop and to question the world. Like why do trees have to be brown?, why does grass have to be green, does a house have to be called a house? I don’t know you’re the one reading this not me! For that yes yes, I’m reading back to me at the moment, but your reading this right now!, or am I reading it back to me right now? For who ever is reading this, people could be reading this simultaneously along with you. Have you ever considered that there’s a forth wall between a reader and the writing. There’s a film like this, you’ve seen it you’re self, or maybe you haven’t it’s called never ending story go check it out sometime. Through this vacation, you actually find writing hits you more than what an image would feel, a big yellow sign saying “Diversion”, what hits you more? The yellow or the black writing. Yes spell checker this sentence is fragmented, in fact this whole peace is fragmented, to you now this is just babble of a wired persons thoughts. But even spell checker how is that even relied up on, why don’t we question that … TO BE RIGHT!...


This is visual research I have done for how my characters guitar

these guitars are all extremely unique compared to normal guitars, due to the look and shape of each of them.

I love also the way this is beautiful calved out, and I sit in awe at the workmanship gone into it. it proves that guitars don't have to be plain looking or mundane shapes. though it leads to question on how you could hold this to play this, or would you want to, or whether these would just be a show peace like an art peace ever to be touched. if you had the chance to play it, would you? or would you sit and stair?

This style is amazingly carved and is a style that I would like to bring into the guitar with in my own story. I think that the guitar in my story will become almost a character with in its self, like a an object of wonder and beauty. I feel that this guitar is stylized up on a harp due to its classical carving.

I really like this as I wanted maybe a shaman stick converted into a guitar, this seems quite simple look to a guitar and I could imagine it being like a large staff

This looks as if taken from the style of steampunk with the use of copper piping and copper plates and rust paint work .

The back story

(Super Hero/Rocker Dude)

Name: MAX

Aways played a rock band at the High school, and is very popular within the school due to his amazing guitar playing and awesome band. In the band there is a monkey drummer, the bands name is  "METAL MONKEY".

The guitar, Max found in the attic and out of interest started playing it. At first the guitar sounded out of tune and even with tuning it, it sounded always out of key. Max then studied the old case the guitar came out of, it said to play certain chords, to unleash the powers of the guitar.

(the opening music of the Cartoon will be build up on the chords he plays)

After playing the chords, the guitar lights up and every chord sound like the best chord ever herd from a guitar, without even needing an amp.

(The guitar was passed down from generation to generation, but left forgotten about as just an old antique from an old great uncle. Max's father says it's all ok to have the guitar, as to the father, it's just an old peace of tat).


Name by band: Mannic, (shaiman name: Guilan) (---Guilan---Guitar---)

The Monkey is a past down pet from an old auntie. The monkey instantly took to the band as soon as he saw it. As the band not having a drummer, and this monkey having amazing rhythm on the drums. They recruited the monkey as their drummer naming their band "METAL MONKEY". The age of the monkey is way unknown by anyone, as he's always been past down from generation to generation. his age is not spoken or asked about and where he also came from is also unknown. Through the time, both guitar and monkey have been split up, and have always through one or another generation have been united in strange circumstances.

The monkey also gives Max wise words to the rocker dudes mind when in trouble, and certain chords also to play.


Many generations ago the shaimon carved the Guitar out of a native tree and enchanted it. This was too defeat enemy tribes through chords and tones he used, until one day there was a battle and his tribe got destroyed. To protect himself and the guitar he turned him self into a monkey disenchanted the guitar and ran away with it.

The Monkey is a bit loopy with his wise words to max and comes out with some funny stuff to him, when he speaks to max its like the way Ben Kenobi talking to Luke Skywalker.


Name: Marvin

He always has a grudge against everyone due to his intelligence and look of him. He has a lair built underneath the school, that leads by tunnel under his house. His parents are rich and the nerd is spoilt though a sense of never being loved. The parents bought him what he wanted to keep him quiet.

He did go to private school but due to failing on one of his tests, he was sent to a normal high school.

He wreaks revenge on all the world due his own self pity.


If you met him in person you will instantly detest him. He thinks him self way above everyone.
He will only be your friend if you are useful to him.
extremely good at science and creating machines, robots and creatures in his lab

The nerd seeks also the power of the guitar and feels he could use it for his means.

(I have idea for series two of this already after defeating the nerd in series one, the old enemy tribes come back and with the nerd hunger for all out revenge the enemy tribes use the nerd to get back at the Shaimon and Max. The nerd thinks he has things all under control when he thinks he's bossing around "his new friends" when really they are using him----- BUT this is another whole story)

House of Wax

I found this film, not very scary at all, I found it too revealing, and it kind of spoilt it in a way. But saying this, I found I was sometimes on the edge of my seat, trying to will the character on, I feel it was more of a police drama than a horror. I found it creepy through when the Lydie broke the guys face off and reviled his original face, as it intrigued me on how he covered that up, and found it a tad surreal in that aspect. What I found they did miss was when the two officers went to check out the House of Wax they identified about three or four people, which leads me to have begged the questions of would have all these people been stolen from the morg?, and when they interviewed the guy at the end, he said the whole place was pretty much a morg so in this light I feel there where a few continuity notes in the writing.    




This film at first was a tad freaky as you didn't know what was going to happen or what the Alain was going to do. I  remember watching this film when I was young at some time and I remember the space robot scaring me. I felt that the film highlighted the bad points of humanity, even for today's generation. A small thing that that I chuckled about was kids hat with the NY logo, where we today see that as something modern. I found the film had links with small elements with today. Due to when it was made it also highlighted the politics at the time, and I feel the film was very bold in this way.

The narrative was a play on do not judge on what you don't know, (don't judge a book by its cover). It did this by making something "unknown" become a victim of judgement. when analysing the actual 7 foot alien robot, it wasn't that threatening at all. It was full of rounded shapes, and even when the human like alien came out, he even wore a helmet emphasizing this. The main thing that could have sparked suspicion, was the object he pulled out, that was going to give the government Intel to their race, as it was all spiky.   

The film it's self was the first horror sci-fi film of its kind and sparked a whole new genre of B movie sci-fi films in this style. It can be linked in with star wars and many other styles of films after like also TV programs like Space 1999 and ET.

Concept art

This is a piece of concpet work, the perspective of the camera is position above the lockers looking down the hall way looking at a trail of blood leading towards the door, as if a victive has been dragged, I feel that the peace could do with a bit more work to it.

poster style

The cheerleader her self

latest poster concept

This is the latest poster concept, I feel it needs a tad more work done to it, and then the title above it.  

Talking with Justin

 Talking to Justin really helped to Focus my mind on were to go with this character.

 These are Justin's character structure's for the nerd. I also agreed with him on not going along with the Head Master idea as it was a bit complex trying to it, in a way that he's not going to look like a henchman to the nerd. So I'm in the process of re thinking the sidekick, and that the sidekick should be apart of the hero instead, like another band member.

After this I started looking at objects of what the nerd might use/hold, and from this taking elements of where his surroundings are, as I felt if I understood the concept of his surroundings/lair I could then get a clearer image of what objects and items he might poses.

 (the hair and the proportion lets this image down)
First elements of the hero's side kick. I started looking at the Gorillaz for character inspiration, as they're shapes are quite wacky. 

But then I had an idea of maybe a small monkey or chimp, that plays the drums, and character wise, taking on the Ace Ventura Cartoon's monkey style

 I think the monkey idea is going to be more easier in flexible shapes... (This is also the last page of my sketch book)

This is now my new sketchbook, This time I have bought two sketch books, one being for the Narrative project, and one being for the Character design project.
 Drawing this first nerd of the new sketch book, as I was just about to do the hair, I felt a slight change and thought of doing him bald, to emphasize his "large brain", to express this I used simple curved lines around his forehead.
 feeling that my nerd shape is not fully resolved bet  getting close, I also feel the laps of going back into the strait edge area. Another nagging feeling is that the face looking too kind in a way, since not having the hair. So is it to be hair? or not hair?, maybe I'm getting mixed and matched details.

 I started doing a character face sheet, (not expression sheet)

 With in the tie of this, I started also looking up on gadgets of what the nerd might hold.
I also I thought best to try in keeping with proportions as well, the more I did this, the more he looked older, and grown up, and had lost the small child like appeal to him.
 After looking at the head, with out hair, it started to not look as right, and it started to age the child, and kids aren't bald, so after this I started creating the villain nerd with hair, and I feel that this time he looks far more better
 I also decided to glimpse into expression sheets.
 Also taking a step back and having a new breath I re visited Justin's characters that he designed. So I then shortened down the body making him more child like. The idea of the split coat came from an anime character that I once dressed up as when going to an anime expo once. I also re search back into this character for any more idea's, presently I cant remember the characters name.

I feel for this point now that my character is getting much more closer.

 Talking also with Phil he also pointed me in the direction of the film "Attack of the Nerds" for referencing hair, and (possible clothing) though I think the clothes I also have resaulved aswell.

character designs

 For a long while I had been really struggling with my Nerd villain, every time I came to design or create him, I felt he always came out too square and unshaped.

 I kept on re trying out the structure of the triangles and felt that all the time it was going no were

Here I felt it was getting somewhere with the head taking inspiration from Mandark. The villain from Dexter's lab, But being careful in not copying him too much.

 Element for the super hero structure, I feel I can really get on with the super hero really well

 This wasa close concept for the head master side kick
 Here I glimpsed in looking at Side Show Bob from the simpsons with the crazy hair.

 A mutch more resulved concept feel of the hero.