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It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good


for along time now I have been feeling very LOW about my work

this project has been a battle for me, Not to skills, but to chains, personally binding me Allison and lev know about these things BUT I want to say that these chains have been broken, and many more are going to be broken, soo basically I back and BETTER THAN EVER...

the fur tutorials bellow are now done and now happy, I feeling stupid not of done them earlier and i put my hands up to saying yes I AM AN IDIOT,


It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Beer fur


sheep and porky pine
porky pine sheep beer and bison mix

polar beer

lighting fur shadings

this area i didn't get on what was happening geuse this is beer fur again



more tutorials are on there way the latest ones and the pirates cove

something kept bugging me

these were the two things bugging me about my scene

here I improves this by going into mesh and smothering but again I cant seem to get the other ring to render out with the other objects, it's probably there but not seen or clear


today I feel I had great feed back from Phil, beforehand I was dreading it as, I didn't have much confidence in the image I had produced, with this new boost I'm going to try and buckle down early, have this week off just improve and experiment with maya, possibly a faded whiff of ideas of new project/ also to catch up on other tutorials I have not yet done.







this was tricky, to refresh my memory I went back over the old toaster tutorial, I then created one side and then mirrored the geometry

here i am trying to make the books more natural by changing there size and making some lean against each other
it was advised by alison to create something uncanny to out with in the scene, and we then agreed on the old manacles idea

to add more details I duplicated and re sized the small table that the TV stood on, after this I then added books from the book shelf.

this is my final peace

with assistance with emily naithen and Tom I finally textured and created the scene, the most difficult part of this scene was creating the glass refraction.

new year new post, panic due to not posting much (not good, my bad)

juggling essay and scene

the main difficulty with in this scene is trying to get the concistancy with era I'm looking at like the 1950's style and furniture and what they may have in a rural suberban house at the time, like I have created a 1950's style TV

I'm hoping to have the scene dim and the wine glass obscuring the vission creating it to be curved

these images are playing with the idea of uncanny during the holidays

Taking these images had given me the vision of what kind of lighting I would like and what objects I may use with in the scene

this the scene I have gone for the wine glass effect with the main scene being quite dimly lit