matt hyland On Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I feel personally that post modernism is a destructor of society in a way that you can’t talk with out hurting and arguing with someone else’s opinion, and you never know whether your facts are right or wrong for the identity you have your facts supported by may also be false its self. If even language is floored as a fact to be relied up on, what ground to we sit up on. Are we all people bobbing around on mini ice burgs with the frozen sea of nothingness below us?

This is the one thing that gets our knickers in a twist. We all like to feel that we are on safe ground. Like us sitting at home watching TV with life being all well, or us laying at home in our comfy beds, when in the next room there could be a raging fire, or a creepy monster. Postmodernism is this raging fire, this monster that tips the balance of ones opinion into another’s maze of overall thoughts, with no facts. It’s like trying to unravel bullet proof spaghetti with a hammer! BUT alas there is some razed light with this bundle of theories, and that is the unbound freedom to create and to develop and to question the world. Like why do trees have to be brown?, why does grass have to be green, does a house have to be called a house? I don’t know you’re the one reading this not me! For that yes yes, I’m reading back to me at the moment, but your reading this right now!, or am I reading it back to me right now? For who ever is reading this, people could be reading this simultaneously along with you. Have you ever considered that there’s a forth wall between a reader and the writing. There’s a film like this, you’ve seen it you’re self, or maybe you haven’t it’s called never ending story go check it out sometime. Through this vacation, you actually find writing hits you more than what an image would feel, a big yellow sign saying “Diversion”, what hits you more? The yellow or the black writing. Yes spell checker this sentence is fragmented, in fact this whole peace is fragmented, to you now this is just babble of a wired persons thoughts. But even spell checker how is that even relied up on, why don’t we question that … TO BE RIGHT!...

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  1. well they are some strong opinions...

  2. tutorphil says:

    "like trying to unravel bullet proof spaghetti with a hammer!"

    I love this image, Matt :-)

    I really like this post - your head has gone pop because suddenly the world - and your relationship to it - has been PROBLEMATISED! Yes - you are now hyper-sensitive to the world as a constructed idea - as 'non-place' - as an 'everywhere' place. One of the many criticisms levelled at postmodernism is that it's very good at destroying things and exposing the cracks and the flaws and the subject secrets at the heart of 'truth' (whatever that is), but it's not so great at giving answers, or the comfort answers provide. It almost seems to want people to be in a constant state of wakefulness. It's not an easy space to occupy - but it can feel exhilarating too. You seem here to be both very frustrated and very excited. My work here is done! :-)

    (but hey, get some sleep, okay? The world - whatever it is - still turns - and that is undeniably true, whatever the postmodernists tell you!).

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