matt hyland On Monday, 11 October 2010

These taking influence from the bright light of the UFO blinding you, but again there are no aobvios Ques to say that these are cheerleaders from out of space apart from the title its self

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Hey Matt,

    Firstly I suggest you drop the 'horrible' from the film title; just 'Attack of the Cheerleaders From Beyond The Stars' - I'm sure Alan won't mind - otherwise, it does feel a bit clunky. On all your poster designs, you're creating 'an empty space' in your composition - I know you want it to read as the UFO light, but it just empties your composition. In terms of the 'tone' of your film... is it a tongue-in-cheek pastiche? If so, then the poster needs to sell that aspect too; personally speaking, I don't thinking you're using the sex aspect - (the basketball, though a nice concept, is too 'slasher') - the cheerleaders are going to sell this movie to the audience - I think you need to go a bit more 'Megan Fox' with this...

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