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another off the cuff influence that alison said to blog was this song by, mighty boosh

though obviose in uncannyness but quite it is Eel's by mighty boosh

yet to put into a propper scene asking for opinions

At this moment I need to yet create a propper scene, I've desided to step away from manacles as they're abit too obvious, so i desided to go into a more reflective scene and having a mix up with the artists of Escher and Greggory Crewdson.

I was thinking of placing a old goblet on a window ledge in a 1940's American suburb house... But reflecting and obscuring a street scene behind it (or infront well you looking into the house with the goblet being the main image and the back ground of the house being blurred; and the street scene being reflected with in the goblet) I have a feeling that this scene maybe a bit of a hand full.

doing so I decided to create a simple goblet with in maya, before going any further...

do aliens excist The Great Alien Conspiracy Pt.6/6 Video

after looking at my essay background I found this conspiracy of aliens (i found this quite funny as he says everything so factually)

Gregory Crewdson

when Greggory Crewdson is on location he spend months and months before his final shot.

he would usually stay in a hotel, he enjoys the way of just driving around before any scenes appear , I guess it's like a freedom for him before being forced into making the final shot.
through many years of experience where now he has specific areas where he goes to, to take scene.


after watching invaders from mars, I found it very funny the multiple over used scenes, though the film was done on a tight budget. It was strange on how everyone in the film boleaved the boy, and that very vert clever people like him don't amagen things up. saying this I found the film good in how they got accross the feelling of people not ever being them selves again. with in the film to describe the remote control devices; they used new metireals what would of been new at the time and un-hard of by many people at the time, to make the alains seem more ruturistic.

While watching the film I could not help noticing the main alian leader looked a lot like tony harrison from the mighty boosh. In which I wouldn't doubt that the mighty boosh gethered their influence from old old films.

(tony harrison)

*dead of night*

*step ford house wives*

this film had the same formula as many of the other films I had already scene, Invasion of the body snatchers, and it takes elements of the invaders from mars, but with this there seems to be no happy ending. the film is also like the Edward scissor hands with everything so perfect. the robotic women remind me of Allison's blog post about the fake robotic women


Halloween was not as scary as I thought though jumpy, the camera scenes are brilliant for the angles and the perspective, this has given me allot of inspiration for my own scene. the murderer is always viewed as tall and always above everyone look down up on them.

I've decided to change my essay subject to Greggory Crewdson, I reallly like the mystery behind his imagery, and it fits into many films that I have watched.
this image reminds me of something alien is going on, I feel that he image is built on the old pertence of alien sightings in the 50's - 70's.
the image begs the question of why is the light focused on that point, I felt the light could be biblical or holy, like a light from God.

New uncanny Updates

here Is an update to what I'm looking up and thinking up

I've decided to take my inspiration from Escher

It is this idea that has got me thinking

with Escher's work I like the way it turns a normal scene into an illusion

this idea was where it came to chalenging our perception of a dark Gothic house and changing it to a modern contemporary house in a creepy dark woods, this is a quick sketch with not much detail but its just voicing the idea of why does horror commit in a Gothic house when it can happen anywhere, PLUS we feel comfort in NEW fresh "contemporary" house so I'm just challenging this, why cant horror happen in a newly designed house??

this idea is a mixture of experiments and ideas rapped up into one, more inspired from films I have seen in the past few weeks. I like the idea of entrapment, where you feel trapped.
though this image is a basic random out of head thinking sketch and everything is too obviouse.

This is more towards the Idea, a nice modern house, but with manacles with in it, (after this, image; it locked me in the idea of manacles, so I decided to shoot some ideas out of my head into a page)

here I'm experimenting with changing and challenging the viewer, of looking at a scene through a refraction, again very quick and scruffy, they're just quick thoughts and very ruff ideas and while creating this I was taking my inspiration from Escher.

(wine glass in a rusty dirty tool shed)

Here through maya I have experimented in creating a manicle

The shapes have been manipulated through using a pipe shape

the chains were not beveled so they would create the smooth look

these are not finished peaces, and this needs more detail if I where to use it with in any scenes,
you could call these a digital sketch.

(again and again this blog is lacking film reviews time has been very very very busy, I'm not going to lie and make wiled wacky excuses, but this weeks have been tite on me with trying to get a free evening) and they will be coming up soon

playing with perspective on photoshop

Pirate Cove

I cant wait to learn more on creating my own scene in maya and to create my own textures and lighting.

this is the pirates cove tutorial I have just finished and cant wait for the next set of tutorials =D

chalenging your Preconceptions

Looking up on this house u'll see as "moden", "contempory", "flash or posh", I have decided to changenge this does a "gothic" house have to be seen as the scary house.

Just by changing the background and the scene around the house, and darkenning and changing the hue/cantrast and darkenning the main building. chalenged the perception of the house to be dark and atmospheric.
( yes I do know I have used photo shop and the project is mainly about maya) but this is a concept running through my head about chalenging the preception

influences and links


Mayakul is really quite freaky, though his imagery is slightly inspiring, due to this this is just a simple girls face. but the use of colour he has made it cold, dark and sedistic. It's like he's taken the wormth and chucked it away by using whites and blcks, the face is as if it is looming out the darkness heading towards you. the face reminds me of that of the Unborn,

The image is quite close you could ask whether these are brother and sister... This is also linked about how people don't like the undead, and sparks off a feeling of discomfort. children used in horror also sparks of the hysteria as children are seen as funny but horror films take that and morph into something else.

his buidings also like dark catheadral gothic like mantions that rise above you. Itis always the grandness of a place that hits us and scars us. the classic use of the gothic hounted manchion look always creeps us out, due there always being am unhomely expireance or feel about it.



one question, can you use a normal ruler?, or will it damage the surface?

today wasn't wasted

Today I wasn't in to see Body Snatchers due to being chesty and a dammed cold.

BUT behold my day wasn't wasted.

I had decided to get a clearer image of what "mise-en-scene" is. Looking at my artists I feel that it is like capturing a scene with story attached to it, well like a room that places story with in it, or an out side scene captured with an atmosphere that makes us question the image taken. And many props are used to portray the story behind the image.

I was given the film by Allison body snatchers (so I have just watched the film) so today wile researching the word, using Wikipedia (in its external link) I came across this web video about "mise-en-scene". this video is good but I don't think it has many details It's more about the characters of a scene, and the video has a few pointers. I found the video at one stage linking into body snatchers, (it's all in your mind type thing). I think the video is more kind of amateur film or scene creators, or for more kids. what I did pick up on was the camera angles used in the vid... in a whole i think the vid seems quite cheesy; and not sure how close it is towards my aim and whether it is miss guiding me.

Through watching body snatchers, I didn't see it horrifying but more curious . (quickly adding that I'm NOT looking forward to watching some of the films... up on the list... but saying this I have looked on images of some just to see what they're like, I found it's more the early 80's late 70's ones I'm not looking forward to; cus they do play on my mind)

I decided to grab some influence from the artist mention up on the brief

Gregory Crewdson

(the video does have music playing u may would like to turn your speakers down/off or mute the video)

(I'm having problems with the HTML at the mo, i don't think blogger likes youtube or embedded codes)

the art by him reminds me allot of the scenes used in Body Snatchers though the era looks more 1980's- mid 90's

Sandy skoglund

the other artist I looked at was Sandy skoglund

I really do like this scene, It's really funky, it reminded me of one of the Roald Dahl "the twits" when they came home and found every thing in their house upside down.

the next artist I decided to look at taht was on the brief was Anna Gaskell.

her art was quite spooky its self, looking up on you tube and found film role of her work

(again this video has sound u may want turn down speakers or mute the video)

some of her work particularly reminded me of my image search of the films and reminded me of the twins (again a film that I'm not looking forward to)

she also has another link I found to the actual body snatcher film through the use of the lighting and the camera work and angles that are linked to horror film styled sets.

With all these artists I found that they all have a 1940's-1950's look about them in dress sence and style.