matt hyland On Friday, 8 October 2010

This is a basket ball that I'm creating for a scene for the cheerleaders from out space narrative project 

this is near to the final element of the ball, here is where I separated the black away from the orange, but the ball still looked CG, and shiny.

 to counter this, Richard lowered the Eccentricity and the specular roll off and introduced a spotlight and heightened the bump map

I got the texture from this website

 In photoshop I created this texture over the top. At first I went through an ordeal of many texture styles and tests, to get the hand right  

I created my own pattern overlay through remembering the way I created the screen lines from an earlier project. and applied them to the texture, I then separated the black lines from the orange for in the bump map and in the first texture, the blacks where also bumpy.  

Texture development 

when getting the hand position right I first found a hand from the Internet, I went through a series test, of getting the hand and the scale right. At firs the texture was stretched across the ball and didn't look correct.  

Once the hand was getting close to it's size I then decided to use that image as a template for y own blooded hand

To make the texture more gruesome I added more blood detail

I would like to thank Simon for helping me with the UV layout for the ball, this strangely didn't work out quite right at first as the top and bottom of the texture where twisted.

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