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While my scenes are rendering away, I have decided to specify and go into mt target market.

my market is teenagers, and my style is key to the style of this generation, I don't want the HUD too complex with tuns of information, for people to switch off.

Facebook is one the biggest parts of the teenage culture, where people update there lives and communicate to their friends most of the time.

I feel today's market is instantaneous and I think the HUD should mix with this style, though not over showing and becoming a distraction to the main animation.

taking a visual look at what teenagers are into today in the sence of gaming. Taking also the depths of the XBOX vs PS3 vs PC war which one is better is full of many mnay questions and areas that go into many depths of detail (as a PC fan my self, I have to be biased and say PC) but anyways I'm not here to duel against this whole world to what is what.

My point is that teenagers live with in this world built by instantaneous action and freedom created by large scale companies of what these games pervide, with in these fantasy worlds, that give us the freedom to be what we want to be.

bringing this into the HUD scale of the ideas, as you see with in these gaming huds below they are not overly complicating the screen, and taking too much space.

The HUD's here are clear.

though I MUST NOT forget that this HUD is apart of an ROV aswell.

THE MAIN POINT is that i don't want the HUD to cloud and distract the animation =)

lattice testing mass slime molds (kill computer)

This scene is not that clear

creating a lattice for each and every one of these slime molds made the normal play back of this extremely slow.

This scene I had to re build about 3 times, at one these times, the computer restarted and i lost everything. (This was a very frustrating day) but finally I created a play blast and making the molds look more natural. (though this took quite a bit of time to play blast)

As you see from the bottom scene is doesn't have any shadows or lighting to it/scared of the time. (This scene I think will take the longest to render)

lattice testing

testing out the lattice, I've used my regular shape do create from. I now like the organic form of the shape.

lighting tests

lighting camera tests

Every thing with in the spotlight is everything you can see...

slime mold HUD after effexts TEST




(I need some nitros oxcide)





Today's Critique, was much better than I had expected, I'm glad that Peter, got the idea of my concept, and I was proud at presenting, it.

during the crit, watching others, before it, I got a bit worried due to that I didn't have many slide to present.

But I pulled it through with the knowledge that I had and wanted to cement and show to the group and Peter. The downer was that I did not get the sound edited into the scenes, saying this, I will make a show in premier with ambient sound tests that I'm looking for.

brilliant lighting footage and insprations.... ROV

FOOTAGE OF THE titanic imagery

ROV footage of the Titanic, looking at this, gives me a good incite to how the camera floats around the place, and I like the way has natural static,

Looking at deep sea ROV's, I'm looking the general, placing of lights though I'm not making the ROV its self, I feel it is a good idea to get the angle of the lights and the effect they have on the surface of things

this is my favourit image, of the ROV, moving around, it reminds of a strange spaceship looking over another world, kicking up dust.

I'm also taking elements from the mars ROV imagery just to try and get another insite to how things could look.

I like the may the landscape, has been bent around in the image, as if concaved.


finally the uncompressed version has finally uploaded to youtube

testing out compressing and resnder issues, (problems I'm having and starting to worry me ALLOT!)

(stressing me out all day)
this origenally started out life as a small sample test

NOW I'm having this trouble again comming to the final render, playing around I desided to try out the compressing option, and came up with this

and found a drop down list with intel IYUV codec

with the drop down list, I decided to change the option and go through them one by one ( UREAKA IT WORKED... with a BUT)

The other styled options change the quality of the final render

(this is under the Microsoft video1.avi in the drop down list)

(this is the Slime mold test RLE)

this took seconds to upload on youtube

(the uncompressed version of this is taking A LONG time to upload up on youtube)

cant post comments at the moment...

strangelly I cant post comments at the moment...

slime mold migration

this is the concept of the slime mold migrating and feeding

the spores inside the pods (cracking)

this area wont have a HUD as the shot before hand will show the HUD being out side, the spore pod, this shot will be inside just as it is cracking open.

going over

going over an older concept peace.
taking on more concept art, here is where the slime mold is growing, I'm uploading the main images first, so u get to know what it was before the HUD is applied.

after the HUD look, I really like the effect that it looks as though you are looking through digital display.

hud concept

taking refuge up on the influence gained, and looking up on the terminator style HUD's, I think I'm nearly fully ready.

I kinda like the music used in this footage as well as the ambiance, of the footage, I'm taking note on how you can only see what is with in the torch light of the camera, and on how everything is so gloomy. ook now just picture when your watching this peace, AMAGEN the HUD and information filling the screen at the same time.

fonts and hud concepts

I'm looking up on Dafont to seek out new fonts that I want for my hud

(spaceship Bullet)

hud concepts

I have learnt on how to create scan lines in photo shop

this concept is of the slime mold crcking open, below is with the screen line effect over the top

this is the terminator HUD effect I'm looking at, but this will be in blue

puting this into photo shop and changing the hue, expresses the colour pf the camera I want, say this, I dont want the blue to over power the image, i think it would be best to have it a faint hint rather than full on blue

this is a vid i found of that someone had recreated the HUD in after effects.

though I'm not going to properly replicate the HUD, but improvise the same style

this footage is from the actual film its self


this concept is inspired by an earlier video of slime molds growing.

Here I'm trying to get into the micro world of the slime, (up close and personal), the area that I'm struggling with, is environment... and the colour, i think it's an exaggerated guess that slime molds are yellow.

I feel I'm chinning my self up with the literal side to this project, (on how things literally have to look and have to be)

I think i need to free flow a little bit more.


MY SOUND IS SOUND 25 (so i don't foget or loose the paper)

slime mold concepts

I found creating this image hard as trying to randomise the spunge molds, to make them as natural as possible, and trying to express the design and look that I'm going for at the same time, I'm also trying to reslve the inner world of the spunge mold, taking Phils advice, but also taking freferance forom photo, knowlage as well

strangely I think this one looks more like an alien land skape, I think if I move on with this concept I will refine the detail of the land that they are sitting up on...

Its this image that I'm taking the most reference from, at the moment, as it is done with in colour.

here I've decided to put the images indo black and white and change the contrast, the lower one looks now more like an aquatic scene.