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mirroring faces

this has been so hard

I just would like to start by saying my bros had my maya comp for the past 3-4 weeks as last friday we was going to a family wedding and he was doing the lighting and the sound/music, and he was using adobe sound booth to pre record 500 odd tracks onto the computer to sort them out. so progress of this has been slim, and had a ni on argument with me brother over it. BUT now the weddings been and gone I feel now I can get on with important stuff, I feel like bad for not telling phill on the situation at the time as I knew I had this last week to get stuff done and felt confident on getting it done, I'm glad I have the main skinning tutorials done and there will be now an influx of more coming.

The main biggest hardest tutorial i stuggled on was the first one, but was detuermind for it not to finish me. (at the bottom of the bog)


Ridgy binding

this was another technique I furrely enjoyed, though some times quite confusing to whats happening. I pannicked when the tutorial said repeat process for next fingers, as the middle had a difforent kind of structure to it, but after a while I really battled through and worked it out, though i don't thing ridgy is as neat as the paint brush tool.

I got a abit confused around here as the bind was hitting the nuckle of the and was cousing abit of hassle, the thumb binds where very trycky.


This tool I really did love, it was such a breake from the numbers, I found this so nice, and i liked it, as it was instant visual when I when over each verticy and value, this also being that I'm not very good at maths at all, or numbers (sometimes scares me)

(this was my hardest tutorial i had ever done)

I battled with the tutorial so many times BUT I finally got it done.

the hardest part of this was skinning, I tryed and re tryed this process about 3-4 times with the numbers, each time,i did this the numbers though cerfuly looking at the tutorial, i'de come to the edn of skinning and getting on to animating and would move a joint, and the skin on what of the finger joints would completly mess up and would end up shoing the joint underneath. another problem would be where I put a group of vertisies under another joint by accident.

(I worked out how to fix this by highlighting the vertisies and put the values back to (0) and re finding the correct joint)