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ambient occlusion and fighter details

Today has been a long day trying to sort out and tidying up ambient occlusion, I have a strange line running down the centre of the bomber, I thought I has tidied up the line as I could not see it on the main view. Since I have rendered it, it has returned. 

I have also brightened up the fighters textures,  I am now hoping that you are able to see the fighter aircraft more clearly.  

You will also notice the addition of the roundel and the colour change to the nose and piping to the fighter compered to the previous posts

Sky Rig Rebelion Fighter wing and body details

The fighter is now on its way to completion. I have now taken the advice of Phil, and beat the plane up, by adding the nick in the tale, and few more battle weary, details. 

Here I also add a brighter version of the page above, so you can see elements more clearly.

Wing textures

Taking on phils advice from yesterday. I decided to texture and roughen up the wings.

Here are a selection of textures I have chosen.

Meanwhile I have found a brilliant texture website called

Sky Rig Rebellion Fighter, coloured

My fighter now has colour. Today I have spent texturing and colouring, my Sky Rig Rebellion Fighter. I feel that it is very close to its maiden finish, as you may also see, I have added in the tendril pod, also named here as 'Flaming Betty'.

Here is a more lightened version of the page as the one above may seem a bit dark.

Sky Rig Rebellion fighter logo and roudel designs

page 1

Today I feel I've finaly propperly cracked the logo design. After talking with phil, I really like the grittyness of the new logos, and the way they look like a ruffly painted stencil.  

page 2

Here I would like some opinions on what people think of what one of these logos look best.

page 3
I have also brought forward one of the logos along with the text


 Both aircraft are all ready to be textured, and all ready to go, as you can see they are all UV'd, the fighter has guns to it now, along with the front detail.

These are both the UV lay outs

today I carried on the making of document