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block colours turn into simple shapes

 I've really enjoyed doing this, as I have simpley expressed the 1950's styled paint work, and painted details,

surface shader and Opinions...

surface shader with block colours I hope I've done this correctly. 

moving on I decided to darken down the teslar, trying, and looking through my 50's colour swatches, I found a perfect colour for the robot body on the back, the nice odd green colour

so from here I've spent time trying out different colours, mostly I would like the front to be red as most 50's flying sourcers are red, so I only went through the stage of alterring the colours of the robot head and body and buttons, the one areas I would like to keep consistant is the pail colours based with in the 1950's colour pallette.

I would like to have some opinnions aswell I personally like the combination of number 4, the blue of the robot head is taken from an actual robot from the 1950's. the teslar colour its self is very close fore a base to what I want aswell, like the robots I found with the painted on details.

loft space concept

Here I have mocked up a quick loft space model, to place my skate on. here I thought of, how the skate will turn arround with in the environment and the light source, I also wanted to hint of how the environment in the back ground would look, so it would tell a visual short quick story of the game. What also hit me, was using the recordplayer as the turntable, this could also be the source of music playing in the background or even the noise.  

first ever texture test

this is the first ever shader test of the 50's skate, these are block colours

here I wanted the key to ne more brass looking and the teslar ontop more of a lighter grey, though these are block colours, the 50's model will be mostly made from tin. I feel due to the lighing it has turnned the teslar more white more white.

As for a try out I put the shaders as blins to get to the more tin look to the skate.

@ALAN, A question about colour blocking??

hey Alan should I use the "Baking Ambient Occlusion & Colour Blocking" tutorial to colour the vehicles?

All UV'd and texture mapped

These are the skates finally UV'd and all ready to go.

Final 50's texture map, there was a struggle from the first texture map as I was trying to fit the two maps on two maps, as you can see from the botom map. The sides of the teslar were cone shaped and the shapes were squed, through using a technque I used up on the 80's skates stopper, I cylindrical mapped it, then split up the faces then put them above each other. I then moved edited the map to unsque, this then saved allot more space, thus allowing me to move over the other maps onto a single map. 

This is the final 80's map after talking to Alan he said to create it on 4 maps asyou can see there are more parts to the 80's toy, and more complex parts to it, I've tryed to keep the imortant parts on each map, I know what part is and each map go to.

I cant wait to start texturing and getting things ready.


both skates fully UV'd, all I need to do now is lay out the UV's and then I'm onto the colouring and texturing and the fun fun stuff

@Alan a question

Hey Alan I'm just questioning whether this plan is sufficiant, I cant fit the two bottom parts at the top, I've tried squeezing all the air out the texture editer, allong with trying to make it understandable when I come to create the textures. I've re-scaled some parts that aren't important smaller, the UV's that are left are the robot head and the robot body, and they are large parts to the model, so I I dont see it wise to shrink them down too heavily. if you could get back to me it would be great if not ill see you tomorow.


this is the current progress so far all the  trucks done the base, robot body and as you see the front space ship, the end of tomorrow this should be done and then finally on to the 80's skate

The 80's Skate

 I feel that I've been working in abit of a garden shed lately through not posting mutch my progress up on my 80's roller skate, something I do apologise for. 

Here I'm just referrencing on how I've created the shape through copying a shoe print from an autograph

I worked and minipulated the shoe shape by using a rough box, to create the scale. The box later took the shape of the Gobots head

Finaly I present the finalized 80's skate

This skate has been the toughest skate to build and plan, though I had the autographs to help me, it was still very difficult to plan how particuallt the top part looked, another tricky part was creating the skate trucks

This is the wire frame of the toy. I think there maybe a bit too mutch geometry in places.

This is the finalized version of the truck, it was very difficult shape to build.

These refrence images I used to create this part, it was a tricky part to make, there's is a part of me still arguing on wether it to still look right, but I must emember that this is for a game fpr about 7+ so I think I can get away with it.

I'm firstly thinking of the game as a consol game, mainly for PS3 or Xbox, if I did PC, it would be a higher level of detail. I have chosen the age of 7+ rather than 12+, as for the style of this game is set very child like. 

I'm thinking of making the game for  xbox and PS3

Other games that are like my game are Ratchet and Clank  and the latest game that is Rage

Both games are very simular to my game, as you have to upgrade weapons and objects through scavenging parts and modification. Rage you win/collect new stuff through doing races and while being sent on missions you then find more objects to combine together to create extera or other types of weapons. This can also be seen in ratchet and clank, were the players can unlock new items and gedgets and weapons as the game gose on. 

Yesteday me and Alan talked about the geometry of the skate, and the important parts that need more and parts that need less, we also spoke about the mapping of the skate aswell, so today I've gone over the model and pushed up the geometry on all the key elements of the skate.

 I feel it looks slighty better with more geometry, feel it looks more slicker and nicer.
 I also improved up on the parts that were un needed, and took out the areas that has too mutch geometry on the base of the skate. You will also notice that here I'm using triangles, at the back of this skate on the bottom, as games modelling allows this aspect. 

This is an example of the old and new, with the less geomety and the new geometry.

50's rollerskate in MAYA!!

The 50's roller skate so far, its been a battle but a fun build, I am not hundred percent sure on wether it is built propperly, in the way of gaming,

Here is the wire frame of the mesh, the most hardest part of the build was the axcel part as there were no propper images out there, to get the sence of what it actually looked like, so some of it was geus work. I feel I'm happy the way it has turned out, from 2D not into 3D.

This is the base of the roller skate its self

very early rough ideas of presenting

I've been roughly thinking of the final presetation of the skates and have created a few story boards to convay these ideas, I was thinking of having a turn arround of the skates slowly building its self to its final point, while this I started to think beifly of the environment i.e the attic, I thought it would be good to hav the attic slowly coming into focus arround the the skates as they are building, and then the camera turning arround showing the environment, I then started to look at cluttered attics as for a slight inspiration for the back ground.

This is very hill like and could imagen the toys using monster truck wheels or catapilar tracks to get accross it.

 This one I particualy liked, due to its theme of the toys

all these are basic random visuals, and inspirations for the environment behind.