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The anoying balance, from metal and stone

I been trying to get the textures at a nice balance, trying not to make them look like stone walls, and not to also over do them, its been a long stuggle but I feel i'm getting more and more closer. thire are allot of tiney details that I'm struggling with but battling on through them. 

 This is one of the small issues of the texturing I'm facing at the moment, were one face is light defferent to the other. and as well as them also being scratched looking. I am also trying to battle against the textures becoming like stone rather than metal.

This is the a process that I have been going through, to get to my final texture.

I found this one good but, the scratches started to look more like white wall

I feel that this there if not very close, trying to make thise skratched but not like stone.

all freshly baked skates

allong with the textures, now the fun stuff begins, making things to look more nice, and to what they realy are ment to look like, the plastics more plasticy the tin more tin, the metal more metal, the 80's more 80's and the 50's more 50's.

ready to be baked

This is nearly ready to be baked, you may not see the textures very well, but the style of the texture I am aiming for, is well explained on this toy rocket (just forget about the angery ram underneath) the part I am trying to get at is the rivits, and the faint lines marking out the panles.

 this is the process of improving the texture

 The tricky part was getting with of these aweful lines.
 first I tryed to just cover the area with just white, but I felt that it lost its detail.
 but that then gave me an idea of trying to put something over the layer to try and even things out.But it still had these anoying lines and was not to great
 I felt I was on the right lines, so I blocked over the shapes, and shaded in the tops, this I feel has worked very well, though I feel it is abit cheating...

and finally this is the final point so far of my 50's roller skate, though not quite yet finished, there's a lot more processes to go through on the textureing, on making the parts more tin like, and it to be a little bit more battered up.

80's coloured

Today I started getting the 80's skate ready and coloured, on this you can see the difference in the colours, they're bright and potent. What I also put in the colours is the dark purple and greys as what I noticed from the Dino Riders, and the plasticly blacks aswell.