matt hyland On Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Quatermass experiment watching the film I found it quite strange and surreal watching it. I enjoyed watching it I was always wandering what the mutated guy was going to do next, or what he next looked like. Thought their was a slight part that got me thinking towards the end... They where testing a small peace of the gunge, when it came to the end the camera came to the trail that the creature left behind being that, that gunge was the same substance, was what they had tested... Why wouldn't the trail of gunge start growing as well as this?... Maybe I read that section wrong and they where just giving away that the monster was already in the church...

Saying this, the attack with in the rocket on the film, reminded me of a concept of a Star Trek Voyager episode, and a contenpory episode of Doctor WHO were they are taken over by something invisible. though the Doctor Who being a coincidence being that that is a British made TV program just like Quatermass. It is also intriguing that this concept has been used, but in contemporary programs.

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