matt hyland On Sunday, 3 October 2010

This is a car I personally started creating over the summer, I always used to design cars when I was young, but due to a certain incident I stopped, (in which looking at it I really shouldn't have, but I was young and took things to heart.) And how I used to design cars where in flat 2d styles doing side front and back. over the summer there was a big urge to get back into creating cars, but by using Maya. This car above is the first peaces to mesh I used, It was going somewhere but I felt it got to a point and I ran out of idea to where it was going.

 SO, I had a re think on how to change it. Thinking back to how I used to design cars, one of the styles came back to me. So I started immediately on re shaping body, though the shape was misted to me on how it used to look. Once I started shaping and bringing out the elements of that I could remember, the memory got clearer as it went along.

From this point I started extrooding mesh creating the wheel arches

 Creating the windows, I extrooded the planes inwards and moved the verticies around to make the window have a much more interesting shape sleek shape.

 Creating the back was another series of extrudes and bevels

 This is where I have now mirrored the car, I have learnt allot from building this car, I now save seperate saves than saving ontop of each file, as I wasn't too sure where this car was going. But from now I am now to going to save my progects as seperate save points, so I can go back and forth from each one, for if I do mess up.

Here I've created the back lights and number plate just to give it that extra details.

Starting to laya element imeadietly once made.

 While circling the camera arround, I was prepered to do the wheels. but something kept bugging me, if I put the wheels in, they would just look as if they where floating in space... So I created (as I called them) "Wheel Black outs" as to me that was what they where doing. Once this was done I felt that they gave the car much more structure, I felt it didn't look like a shell and that it had depth.

 I had a lot of fun creating the wheel, extruding and creating the shape, I had also help from my dad as he refurbishes alloy wheels and he works on a lathe, so asking him about certain details of this wheel was interresting. 

 The breaks where quite tricky, and gathered a lot of images from the Internet to how they look, the one bugbair is that I'm not sure on how create the air wholes in the breaks to cool them down.

 When finally creating the wheel and the breaks I then configured them to the car. while swinging the camera around, I then decided up on creating the suspension, though somthing sai you wouldn't see the suspenion, I fel it would be a good idea to do as an extra element of detail.

 The suspension is something that became quite dificult, taking influence of a spring from the internet, not knowing maya and all it's shapes clearly, I thought of creating the spring out of toruses and carfully lining them up, this took such allong time. Asking help from Lora, helped as she showed me how to use the heilix.  

 with the suspension done I then fited it into place, aswell as this, I created an axcel to get the possision right

 When everything was finalized I then duplicated and grouped all the elements and possitioned them in the arch ways of the car.

Lora also helped me on the door by cutting the shape of the door out the in the mesh through using the "split polygon" tool, then extracting it. I then extruded the edges and bevelled the edges. After this my brother said that the door didn't look quite right...

I feel I have learnt allot on sculpting doing this, car and getting over and out challenging areas, though it has in the mesh a few triangles.

Car Shape two
There was thing bugging allot after this car though when after creating it to this point... and it was it's shape, I felt the sides and where the door was, was way to flat, and what my brother said about the door was bugging far to much about it. I also felt that the front window didn't look quite right. 

 Going back to the first body, I decided to completely re scalped the body and give it a aerodynamic

 Taking on my brothers advice I then also re created the door.

 Here I also copy and pasted the wheels and everything from the other car to this car and re edited the lights.

To finish off this car properly, I need to create

  • Exhaust
  • Wing mirrors
  • Rear spoiler
  • Front head lights
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Door handles

and other small extra details
and then finaly texture it.

But this car will not get in the way of any other work. but through doing this car I have learnt a lot. 

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  1. Jackie says:

    Don't forget to post the actual Maya task from class, Matt! :)

  2. what is the program to do it?

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