It has been a long day but has finally finished the Sky Rig Rebellion editing. I had a long worrying day Friday but now it is all under control

These are my final disc and DVD cover designs.

I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this project.

smoke and day

Today has been an interresting day in creating smoke from the engines, and learning about the maya sun, I feel that now I am very very close to renderring.

pre-vis with the proper ending

The last video I posted seemed to not have the ending black out. I first blamed it on youtube, but it seemed due to the way it had exported from premier, so to fix this, I added a very quick fade in to black, to tell it to go to black at that point. I hope you like the new ending, the way it was meant to be.

Sky Rig Rebellion, Fighter Bomber scene

I cant wait to start rendering soon, this is my latest previs, this final look of the scene is complete, I will add in the sky and the smoke from the engines, I also need to create the traser fire.

sky rig rebelion previz with music

This is a previs along with the music, I will now combine shots with the music.

The latest previz from Sky Rig Rebellion

this is my latest previz, establishing shots, and edits.

sky rig rebellion, fighter diving toward the turret

Today has been an interresting day animating the aircraft and tweaking the gun turret. This is pre viz of today.