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3 way convo.... JAZZ NOSE

JAZZ NOSE THREE WAY CONVO... I hope it was ok to change the geometry a little =)


the way the twist of this film was brilliant as it was about her meeting her death, in the way that you didn't ever know, with in the first parts of the film, I was suspecting that she was the phsyco, of thoughts going through her head about what people where saying around the time.
the film uses the classic haunted twisted house look for where the "mother" lives though as now know is the guy.

This film at first when she was driving around another film came to mind which was film "The Hitcher" (one of the first horror films I had ever scene)

directed by Robert Harmon (the area that made me remind my of this film, was the police man following her) (one quip the origenal "The Hitcher" is better though not seen the new version)


This film purely had me hooked and was amaizing, the camera with no cuts or edits, I like the way it brings you in with out the feeling showing you everything doing little but swallowing more.
both actors where brilliant, Brandon thinking him self being the smartest of all, not caring about Philip. Philip as being the kinda scared child in the film, knowing what Brandon tricked him into was wrong from the start.
The smug body language mixed with Brandons timidness, was like a cat with a mouse.

This clip, where how the neon light adds to the rest of scene... Not over powering, but making the scene that bit more twisted (possibly uncanny) like a style of a mad scientist at work.


drawings WWEEIII

(not seen this film in a long time I want to see it again)

To gain slight inspiration of how mermaids may swim.... and also how fish tales look, I decided to look at hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy openning song of "So long and thanks for all the fish"

Today before finalizing my ideas of how my mermaid will look but miniature. by also taking Charlotte's images of mermaids/mer I decided to study how the tales looked

also trying to the delicate body right in scale

cocktail umbrellas

These are some visual clarification of what I was thinking of when it came down to cocktail umbrellas

charecter studies

Trying to the proportions and angles right for when she is hanging onto the umbrella I feel in these shots she's a bit stiff looking.
I've struggled with proportion and character design for this project though the bottom half is a fish and could got too many lengths as mermaids are fantasy, it is still hard for me try and draw.
This is one of my favorite character images as she looks more re flowing and sleek.


these are some of the scenes taht will make up my story

this is a hint of a pan view though I believe I need to make this much more clearer

these are the two staring scenes of her being scooped up out of the water..

the pond is also full of mermaids

Here I found it easier o plan out the set on paper to where and how things are lade out

Final Ideas story and essay

This is a list of my main final ideas

for my story, I have looked at many possible routs for it go in

but for my final story:

The mermaid is very very small (thumb sized) the mermaid at first lives with in a small pond in a garden, where a man keeps many other mini mermaids, the first scene is where the metrmaid is swepped up and put into a plastic bag; then cuts to the mermaid being put into a fish tank, whilst this the camera picks out the slight ditail of the fan in the corner of the room. when the guy walks past with a drink that has a cocktail umbreller with in it, the umbreller is then blown by the fan into the water of the fish with out the guy knowing (in an erlier pan of the room u will spot that the tank is next to a kitchen with a sink)

The mermaid then has a ureeka idea of flying the cocktail brolly to the sink... Using the air filter (chest) to prepell her self up to the serface and above, she uses the umbreller to get to the tap... This is where chalenge lyes, the fan is a turning fan and the umbreller only stays up as long it gets an extra blast from the fan (in this time mermaid is also drying out and has to get to the sink quickly) so it gives us a race against time to get to the sink...

And the she's getting further away from the fan, the less air she's getting so the more she's dropping, so panicking she ends up trying to blow the umbrella up her self... In the near to the end scene you see from the sinks perspective of the mermaid disappearing under the view of the edge of the sink, with a slight few seconds pause, you see the mermaids arm leap over the edge and gaining grip and climbing up, after this you then see the mermaid slide down the metal basen of the sink and the last scenes from her perspective sliding down the plug hole like a water slide.

(seperate idea)
(this story could be highly more extended onwards on the whole on how she gets to the ociean through the suers, and there being a Mini world under suers taking refuge and influence from films like Bugs life or Ants)

This is my essay structure. I'm basing my essay on Finding Nemo



Part1. - Finding Nemo

Who is Nemo?

What does he do?

Where does he go?

What adventures Does he have?

Who does he meet?(who help and course him trubble)

How and why does he get into trouble?

How are Nemos emotions portrayed

What are the Mager Relationships

Part. - Andrew Stanton(50 words)

Part. - The cast (50 words)

Part. – Story

Part. - Structure

Part. - Editing and order of scenes

Part. - Camera movement



Today watching cutting edge I was extreamly interesting, about how from when film first ever started, it went from people taking random videos till the film ran out, to the point of where we have the modern film today. I like the way it explained the rais in the editors revolution and respect grew over time and how directors relide up on the editors more and more, through time.

the editors didn't have one role to play in Cinima, but also politically and used for propperganda with in the 1940's


here I couldn't see the reason in the spec and bump so with this I could see how bump and spec and now I know why and can see the difforence..


nmore to come

Blood cells

CGI tutorials

I feel that the leaf water dropplets could be more blue


more sketches with new thoughts

this is a new concept story, though shorter and simpler it uses more shots than the other...


The mermaid on the beach

Mermaid and the fish

the main problem in these stories is trying to fit the umbrella these are some concepts and changes i have changed with in the stories

^scene 5-6 Mermaid and the fish concept^


To get a picture I'm my head of what the ocean from under neath looks like, I have decided to visually, gather resources of what the world of the "mermaid" may live in, and I have have found images of mermaids them selves, (though i found this quite difficult


I feel that this view looks like a real version of finding Nemo.

Looking at Coral helps me to visualise what kind inviroment of what the mermaid lives in, and helps with the back story to where she could have come from

These images help with lighting and shading with in the scenes, of how the light is menipulated with in the water, how at difforent depths the light is effected, how the world of the ocian looks.


these help me with the position of the charecter for when I draw her, though, you could draw a normal person with a fishtale in replace of there legs, but it is mainly floating and through looking up on these images, it will be hard to create this in the way this is ellegent enough to be believeable.


an idea about a scene placed around a ship wreck. I had decided to gather visual evidence of ship wrecks and on how they look.

some of these images look depressive the way they just lay there dormant with time forgetting about them. strangely I think this would be cool to see this ship on dry land in this position and with all its wreckage, just to then look around the ship it self, not with it being complete and grand like it is supposed to be, but with it being like this, due to that I think it would tell a completely different story again.

(though having this thought this has spared me into a story mood of the world loosing all its water and groups of people live in old ship wrecks like this....and the world being a desert, and people fighting over for water and oil... this could be in a kind of Mad Max style... OKOKOK back the project)

I like the way ocean has taken over the ships, being once man man now apart of the ocean its self, making the once fully man made harshness of the ship, into something more elegant.

^these where the type of bubbles I was looking at, of that I saw on a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle^

strangely hard to find ocean images of bubbles, as in legitimate bubbles that where not normal every day bubbles and nor CG or Photoshoped bubbles