matt hyland On Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I found this film, not very scary at all, I found it too revealing, and it kind of spoilt it in a way. But saying this, I found I was sometimes on the edge of my seat, trying to will the character on, I feel it was more of a police drama than a horror. I found it creepy through when the Lydie broke the guys face off and reviled his original face, as it intrigued me on how he covered that up, and found it a tad surreal in that aspect. What I found they did miss was when the two officers went to check out the House of Wax they identified about three or four people, which leads me to have begged the questions of would have all these people been stolen from the morg?, and when they interviewed the guy at the end, he said the whole place was pretty much a morg so in this light I feel there where a few continuity notes in the writing.    

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