matt hyland On Friday, 29 October 2010


Back to the Giger, with in our cheerleader, we have to create an amaizing sexual like monster with in the style of Giger and hans Bellmer. I have ideas of the face hugger, and the breasts of the cherleader, morphing into something that attaches its self onto the jock that then devours him.   

Taking influence from Giger, these are like  very seductive but also has a strong message of erroticness to them.

would you have geust that these simbolise two womens legs

you could easily put this image as a female aswell

the face is something that does attack and attach its self, and highly sexual, this could have an influence through the tentacle element.

Hans Bellmer

these peaces are another way of how we can morph the alian cheerleader.

I feel that I get a bit worried by these image as its like he's either obsessed or scared of the female form, not as a sense of beauty.

this could be a cool perspective for a shot of a cheerleader, walking down there stair.

some of the images remind me salvador dali mixed with frued with the melting clocks

I selected this due to that getting the idea of muation of the body

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  1. hi Matt, I forgot to tell you I wasnt going to uni on Friday. but if you could bring me the book on tuesday would be great! thanks

  2. Swalesy says:

    Your English is abysmal.

  3. Yoshie says:

    Are you trying to say his words have a subtle depth that not many people can see?

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