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Sky Rig Rebellion Bomber UV'ing Begins!

Finally UV'ing and planer maping the bomber beggins, yesterday I started off with the wings

Today I figured out the body, origenaly the mid section of the body looked distorted and worped, the mid detail popping out was hard to figure out, with Toms help we finally got the body looking nice, it helped the process by extracting the wings are other elements from the main fusalage, planer mapping the serface and then with in the UV editer inwrapping.Origenally I was going over the airecraft and UV'ing certan sections. There is a lot more to do like the back tale section.
Infull this is the whole list of things to still UV:
  • Armour plated back
  • Wing struts
  • Engine/engine details
  • Nose cones
  • Proppellars
  • Exhaust pipes  
 After this, I will then get on with laying out the UV's neatly in the UV editor

opinions please (emblem designs)

Yesterday I went through and smoothed and hardenned the normals of the aircraft.

I also went through developping roundels for the aircraft, roundels are patterns that are on the side of aircraft for other aircraft to recongnise what side they are on. Page 1, are a group of designs with rings around them, XRRS or XRS, means 10th Rig Squadron, or 10th Rig Rebellion Squadron.

Page 2 I decided to drop the ring all together and have just the emblem. From 4 to 9 I decided to desaturate and change the hue and saturation, to create more other styles. The reason why the design is like a drop of water, is because these used to be old rig workers, that are now fighting back against the evil corporate company.

Page 3 is representing, the enemy roundels, the ARP, stands for Aqua Rig Purifications, I wanted it feel corporate and deceiving, as if trying to fool you that they are the good guys when they are not. I changed it from idea 1 to 3, as idea 1 didnt seem very strong as the coloures are too freindly and they dont hit out at you as much. Idea 3 I feel is more menecing, yet still very smart. On 4 I changed the P to a D, meaning defence instead of purifications, meaning Aqua Rig Defence, I'm still 50/50 in using this as I thought it would be good on the aircraft, as they are defending the main rigs from the pirates, but then this then splits it from the main company its self so I feel it is mutch more better to keep with ARP.

so feel free to post your opinions     

Sky Rig Rebellion bomber now with engines and props

these past few days have been really exciting with this bomber, I feel I'm on the true edge of mirroring and seeing this in full, and then sorting out the geometry, and making it look pretty, I'm getting to the point were I'm not sure what the next step is for this bomber.

Sky Rig Rebellion bomber and Fighter


the bomber is really taking shape now I've split it into three main sections, and am now working on reducing the geometry down


The fighter now has become a lot more advanced in the last few days, still working on geometry here and there and but is coming a long nicely

Sky Rig Rebellion bomber

today has been a very progressive day with further modelling to the bomber, creating and adding the wings, Alan helped with the middle detail, and I worked out the back, step by step its getting better and progressing tomorrow again I need to iron out the geometry and get onto forming the back pieces, and try and cut down there geometry some how. over the week end I also plan on experimenting in car shaders in mental ray and lighting tutorials.    

Sky Rig Rebellion bomber progress

today has been a long yes productive day, here I am blocking out the bomber, and touching up the geometry in the process, I had a bit of a struggle on this today and I did a school boy error and forgot to save a large portion of it, but also was set from my hardrive, but strangely corrupted one part of the mesh, sadly for me this was the front part of the plane. When I re loaded the scene in Maya, the front portion was gone, so I had to re bring in an earlier version of the front, and re build.

Apart from this, I feel I am now back on track, as you see I have built the majority of the back, and will soon start to ebb away at neatening the geometry. I have also worked out to guide wings, to help me for when I come to build the wings from the main fuselage.

Sky Rig Rebellion Bomber brought into 3D

its been very interesting finally breaking this bomber into 3D the I feel that there going to be a few struggles with this aircraft but all willing to surpass and learn from them, at this moment I am blocking out and working out the shapes and details and then like my fighter that is still in the process, of being built, over the weeks I will work on both these planes and will become better and better.

when I went to blog this the idea of presenting my work came into mind and again the branding element of that this could be a real game. I remembered while in the film Tuskegee Airmen the pilots having to earn their wings, and then I thought maybe I could do the same sort of thing, but instead of wings, it would be fish fins.

 After a fun time in Photoshop I created this.

Sky Rig Rebellion title tests

These are the titles now combined with Pirate Dawn, with the Pirate Dawn being with a diffearent font, some of the combinations above dont really come out at me as much as I like, so after a while I decided to combine the titles that stood out the strongest.

Here are the new ones I created and I feel that these are a lot more stronger, so what do people think? 


today has been a very interesting day, I have spent the day thinking more of the branding and the professional look of the game i.e the marketing, on the last project I mist out the presentation element of the game, as I was focussed up on the modelling side of it, and over looked other parts and details that could have brought the unit to life.

I have worked out the final name for this game and that is 'Sky Rig Rebellion, Pirate Dawn'.

Earlier today I was working out fonts from and this is a list of fonts that I really like, out of this list I chose I favourites. 

4 I really do like due to it being very unique out of all that I have chosen. Number 8,9,10 I like due to that they give across the industrialised look, This game is based on a futuristic fantasy world, were the flying cities are very industrial so I feel that these fonts suit this. 15 I also really like as I feel it carries both futuristic and industrial DNA, I could also edit the font more by making it more worn, like numbers 8 and 9. 17 is very similar to 15. 18 is ok but I feel now its hitting a bit too futuristic heading into Sci-Fi. 19 reminds of the font from Iron Man or Transformers.          
today I decided to try out branding ideas and font ideas.

I listed down ideas of names of what could be the game, I decided up on idea 14, 'Sky Rig Rebellion Pirate Dawn' I really like this name, and the change from 13 to 14, I thought that the idea of Zulu Dawn came into mind.
 I then went onto experimenting with other fonts, I asked Bob in which one he liked and he like the mix of 5 and 9, from this I then decided to then mix them

after talking with phil he urged me to look for more types of font and said that this font is too generic. I agree and have now desided to find more fonts, on the university system you cant download new fonts so I will set up a new page of fonts I have found from Dafont

The progress of today

Today has been a battle of strightenning and working out lines, I also need to work out the way of joining these two lines

 The mesh is looking far more better now that the lines far more straighter,
 The new mesh compaired with the old

 I also have this strange crease going down the fusalage.

More fighter development

 today hs been a very interresting day building the fighter

 Slowly the model is coming along  with a few tweaks here and there and other details, with the placing of the wings.

 I feel that the model is really coming to life the more I work on it, I also I cant wait to start the large bomber.

different optional stages

These are three development and stages I expirimented with today,

development 01

This idea was to create the back wing as one flowing shape connecting and slightly murging with the front wing, I found this a battle to do, and when I looked at the autographs after, the shape became a hasle to figure out on how to get it to mach up.

development 02

This is after I desided to re design the back wing,

 development 03

this is further development, on the fuselage, I was trying to get the engine cover working in the design, but I did not like the wy it looked, so I will attempted this later and make it look a lot more nicer. I was also still puzled about the wings, I felt that the there was a lot of pinching conflicting with the front wing, and felt the back wing being a seperate loocked more nicer.

development 04

Here I decided to take a step back when the engine part was not there, and re configured the front wing as a separate object, I also re sculpted the back wing more and added in the rib suports.

first fighter baby steps

Today I broke into maya with the production of my fighter, it is very rough as I have only just started work on it today, over the coming weeks, this will become much more developped, along side with the production of the bomber.

bomber coloures

A very interresting day in creating the bomber colour scheme.

Scheme 1, was developped before the tutoril with phil, it was relied off the influence of the Lion Fish, with its stripes, but it comes accross too kind nd sweet like, a bit too friendly. Discussing with phil, he said to make it black with a highlight like the piranha, or like the giant moray eel. Schemes 2 and 3 are a development on this, I was thinking it would be good to have a pearl essence colour of black and red, so you will hve this black, with a red shine to it. Scheme 3 I desided to try out the stripes again, with a much darker colour to it, I feel that this woorks well, but I still really like scheme 2

I decided to create a quick corporate Logo, something simple and menacing 

fighter coloures

 Today my fighter came to life in colour

fighter page 01 

It has been enjoyable working out diferent styles and coloures, it makes a change from drawing the details and now thinking of the coloures. fighter 1 id the first idea I had, emphasising the tropical coloures, fighter 2, feels a bit half, done. To help me I aslo created a quick colour pallatte in order to help me with the colours, and gain influence. Fighter 3 you can see that is influenced by the bottom fish and also it reminds me of the Red tail P-51 mustang. Fighter 4 is a very interresting one, it is combination of 1 and 2, this really cought my eye, though after talking to shabire he said that it looked too mutch for an enemy fighter rather than the good fighter, so I moved on with 5 and 6. fighter 5 is a more developped version of 3, it kind of reminds me of a supermarine navy spitfire. fighter 6 I went back to gaining influence from the fish colour chart and expressing the deep blues of the fish with in the aircraft, after talking with phil, he really liked fighter 4, but he said for it to be more desaturated.      

fighter page 02

Here is the development of fighter 4, by playing with the Hue and saturation, when getting to idea 4 I felt I couldn't go mutch firther with out making the body too pink or the wings too pink, and not making the body look too enemy like, with the snot coloured green wings. I liked the body of 3 and liked the wings of 4, so I decided to duplicate them and cut out the wings of 3, and replace them with 4. I really liked this, as now I have also gained two seperate layers to play with, so I decided to create another, this time being more interresting, and it reminds more of the lion fish, I also like idea 6 as its earthly and natural colours.