matt hyland On Tuesday, 26 October 2010

(Super Hero/Rocker Dude)

Name: MAX

Aways played a rock band at the High school, and is very popular within the school due to his amazing guitar playing and awesome band. In the band there is a monkey drummer, the bands name is  "METAL MONKEY".

The guitar, Max found in the attic and out of interest started playing it. At first the guitar sounded out of tune and even with tuning it, it sounded always out of key. Max then studied the old case the guitar came out of, it said to play certain chords, to unleash the powers of the guitar.

(the opening music of the Cartoon will be build up on the chords he plays)

After playing the chords, the guitar lights up and every chord sound like the best chord ever herd from a guitar, without even needing an amp.

(The guitar was passed down from generation to generation, but left forgotten about as just an old antique from an old great uncle. Max's father says it's all ok to have the guitar, as to the father, it's just an old peace of tat).


Name by band: Mannic, (shaiman name: Guilan) (---Guilan---Guitar---)

The Monkey is a past down pet from an old auntie. The monkey instantly took to the band as soon as he saw it. As the band not having a drummer, and this monkey having amazing rhythm on the drums. They recruited the monkey as their drummer naming their band "METAL MONKEY". The age of the monkey is way unknown by anyone, as he's always been past down from generation to generation. his age is not spoken or asked about and where he also came from is also unknown. Through the time, both guitar and monkey have been split up, and have always through one or another generation have been united in strange circumstances.

The monkey also gives Max wise words to the rocker dudes mind when in trouble, and certain chords also to play.


Many generations ago the shaimon carved the Guitar out of a native tree and enchanted it. This was too defeat enemy tribes through chords and tones he used, until one day there was a battle and his tribe got destroyed. To protect himself and the guitar he turned him self into a monkey disenchanted the guitar and ran away with it.

The Monkey is a bit loopy with his wise words to max and comes out with some funny stuff to him, when he speaks to max its like the way Ben Kenobi talking to Luke Skywalker.


Name: Marvin

He always has a grudge against everyone due to his intelligence and look of him. He has a lair built underneath the school, that leads by tunnel under his house. His parents are rich and the nerd is spoilt though a sense of never being loved. The parents bought him what he wanted to keep him quiet.

He did go to private school but due to failing on one of his tests, he was sent to a normal high school.

He wreaks revenge on all the world due his own self pity.


If you met him in person you will instantly detest him. He thinks him self way above everyone.
He will only be your friend if you are useful to him.
extremely good at science and creating machines, robots and creatures in his lab

The nerd seeks also the power of the guitar and feels he could use it for his means.

(I have idea for series two of this already after defeating the nerd in series one, the old enemy tribes come back and with the nerd hunger for all out revenge the enemy tribes use the nerd to get back at the Shaimon and Max. The nerd thinks he has things all under control when he thinks he's bossing around "his new friends" when really they are using him----- BUT this is another whole story)

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