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its been a battle to get this far time wise, last sunday was my 21st and for quite a few days has been a real strugle to get on with these, there will be many many more coming up, and more, other tutorials, this is the first break ive had to settle down, and crack on, the bubble tutorial has come out some what odd looking. but the movements work.

lots of toys

this was done earlier today I'm not sure whether I've gone OTT with the bears, but this what imagenned what Alan was sudgesting

This is the scene rendered through mental Ray, I thank Alan for all the help on the lighting and Mental Ray settings. From the last shot, I have moved in all the bears and prizes, around the wacka mole, in to the shot. Its very very close for it to getting finally rendered.  
the scene its self

after a weekend of battling

after a week end of battling with the points screen I've finally timed it with the music, I tryed to get the points to go with each hammer blow, but this turnned out to be very difficult, to do, I'm happy with this, and I think I'm very close to renderring it all.

dude playing wacka mole


Hammer animated...

Animating the hammer gas been very difficult, I'm up for peoples opinions on making it better, but has been tough animating.

progress so far

like the other Vid, But you will notice the changes from the start, all I need to do now is animate the hammer  and re-animate the points on the screen to metch the animation. Animating the points screen is, I think going to become difficult, but worth a try, though, most of the stuff is done in time with the music, so hopefully it's not going to be too bad.


first play blast ans synked though not fully complete yet

feeling like a Toy maker

its been fun creating these toys for my scene, its made me feel like a toy maker

squeeky malett

texturing the candy cane is quite tricky as for stripes to twerl right arround and match up, and to have a spyal effect.

the project

Here ive animated the hammer, the points on the screen need sorting out.   

The back ground also needs to be built with props and details in the back ground and props


project something

 This main stuggle ive had is with the wholes were the tubes go, in making then circular.

After abit of a play I have finally finished them

Finally textured

YES THE SCREEN WORKS AND ANIMATES!... I thank Tom for the guidence

UV tutorial

Logo and busness card

Oliver Twist Transcription

these are the two final scenes, the problem with fagins den is that it seem way too dark and am thinking of turning up the lighting, I am trying to go for a gloomy effect in the room.

making of transcrption


this is a small concept, of the charcter in the models and metaphors project. after talking to Alan and phill I have come up with a whole new idea witha new selected peace of music, I'm going to have three small simple charcters, this idea is a complete off shoot from the origenal idea of the after effect lights.

learning after Effects Particles

Sorry for the lack of updating my blog but this is what I got up to

Learning how to do particle effects in after effects, this is after a tutorial from videocopilot

to do this I have had to download certain plug ins to creat this effect.un sure why I have the red cross on the screen though...