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Synopsis/alien back ground theory

Alien back ground theory

Cheerleaders come to the world to gather the spawn from men; they do this by luring, men into their grasp through there amazing looks, for the men to find out that the alien cheerleaders with all their beauty not only take their spawn but they take their life, to feed the growing eggs with inside them. When the eggs are at a certain stage, they then lay them, with in their space ship to spawn more aliens like themselves,  (if male, they turn out to be bullet proof biomechanical warriors that harvest.) When the female alien have spawned their eggs, they then morph together to become a queen. (Taking inspiration from bees)

These female aliens, colonise all planets by taking on an over attractive version of the female species to whatever planet they land up on (morph) They look for the stronger males to feed their spawn. The aliens don’t only attract by looks but also by sent.

The Male form of these aliens do not morph but due to when the planet having no male prominence at all they mate or kill the remainder of the planets females/small number of males to I’ver turn them into their own species or to fully exterminate the world of all its life.

Once this is done, they then move onto other planets and the same process starts all over, (these aliens only go for intelligent life forms and all lower life forms are destroyed in the process)

Alien Looks when normal, Spider like, possibly mixed with tentacles, possibly biomechanical/ Freudian looks.


The space ship lands in a heavily covered wood behind a school after reading in up on a signal of an upcoming basketball match in a few weeks time, the radio boasts how strong the players of the team are, and how beautiful the cheerleaders are, they then form into the pure females, as they most possibly can and then come out to be cheerleaders as it boasts to be on the radio,
The next day they turn up at the school, the pupils are overwhelmed at the sight of them, and their beauty. they instantly cover themselves that they're all sisters from out of town, and are new around town and are new to customs of the town. (The principle has no word of these three new arrivals so they are sent to his office, through certain sent the aliens send off, the principle lets them in to the school and settles them into a class) 
This is where the story begins its toll of missing pupils...


(The Hero being a nerdy like girl who always wants the best picture and also is like a school reporter)

She was out taking photographs that other night, when she took a photo of the spaceship flying over head, being that at the time this was a one off photo, and when she took it she was very tired, she decided to not develop the film till a few days later, she put down to what she saw to tiredness. As the first few missing cases start to build she starts putting things together, she then immediately develops the film that she took the other night, being scared about the realization; she starts to quietly investigate asking about what she saw, this then leading to the two lovers in the car that night, with their theory: they take it to the police, at first the police disbelieve the story, they are kids.  (is it too late for the police to do anything, when screams and people come running out from the school)

We are going to all write our own synopsis then we're going to put them all together, and taking good parts of each area.     

a few more concepts

Another concept up on the characters, I fill a tad frustrated as I personally don't think i'm that good a character design, and is something i'm determind to get right, I have a small voice saying that maybe i'm trying to run before I can walk...

again another example of the rocker dude and the nerd, I feel I can get the rocker dude right, but the nerd, not as right, and feel i'm having a problem in concistant style in the pair being that the nerd is quite skinny...

more influence maps for each charactor

I asked Phill earlier about how many influence maps, was it ok to create for the character project, and he said it was perfectly fine, through this I decided to create maps for the three main characters basing up on the styles that I was going for and the influences that I'm looking at. this is an influence map for the rocker dude, and am looking at South park and punk o matic characters as influence to the whole style to the characters. 

An influence map is like the DNA of your story and character.

Here I'm trying to merge together the characteristics of the nerd, Will from Inbertweeners, is a strong influence to the way I would like my nerd to look, and his DNA coming from the characters arround.

The head master I would like to be very cyborg like, developped by the nerd as I've expressed, but has thrown up the question of how he would get the cyborg to take over the school, so I was thinking of an off shoot, to this of, having the nerd being able do mind control, or a mind inplant put up in the present head master, like the way the alians, implant the pearnts, from the film "Invaders from Mars"


For the narrative project I'm looking at cheerleaders, at the way they look, and dress. For them as aliens, they have to at least look cheerleader like.

Looking at the cheerleaders posture, and figure, the aliens will have to coincide with the elegance of teh cheeleaders.

looking at stepford wives, the women are prerfect, in every way, maybe the alien cheerleaders, are perfect in every way, but in a creapy way, (too perfect they leed men to their ship and then taking over the mens minds) then slowly using the men to take over the town, through the men taking orders telepathicly vire the cheerleaders.....  

I also was thinking we could go into the dance routine its self, on maybe that its self could be mesmerizing, and could go down the hypnotizing route (having hypnotic powers while they dance) This is just a role off the mind thought that I may sudgest, to the group... 


(UCA has a cheeleading group?)

Nononono, here I'm looking at the way the cheerleaders work and dance together in routine and how cheerleading competitions work, if this was to be a convincing film at the time, areas do need to be consistant real life.

Though our personer of the film is 1950's style B movie, I'm trying to point out about undermining the dancing its self, as it's the 1950's, it is not wise to be cought that the dance acts where not as complex back then, to what they are today. (don't undermine the personer of the day, they still would have known how to dance)

looking at the cheerleading contests I feel that the spike of the story should happen around this point (possibly)

character design concepts, layouts, and other possible influences

I'm trying to create concept back story for the characters that I'm looking at. reading the comment, I've decided to concentrate, on the three main characters, and what they could do supper hero ways and styles.

So to clarify what they are, I've decided to go for

Nerd (villain)

Head master (side kick)

Rocker dude (Hero)

 Here I'm taking influences from south park, and a game that I like to play, that is Punk-O-Matic and being his style, his weapon, has to be a guitar.

 I'm using more of the character structure as a base up on the design.

 The head master, I'm thinking of basing him to be a bit like Herman Munster, very tall and lanky, showing the stature of a head master, yet characteristically not very bright looking, robotic, clumsy, and looking a bit zombie like, to show that he is under control by something else.

The nerds back story is a quite a simple one of wanting power and taking over the school after year's of being bullied, and through his intelligence he creates a fake head master, (though this has created a few more questions of how he gets his head master in control of the school, by replacing the original one)


This is my influence map for the character design project, as my project is based up on hero's, I decided to collect allot styles for the story character look and the strengths of the story

I'm still in a twist of whether its is ok to create a group of characters, or just create the 3 main characters of what it says up on the brief. as looking up on the character bible of sponge bob, the bible show all the main characters together in a book.



 These are the first logo designs I have come up with, using the glow effect on the layer, at first thought they looked good, but after a while I felt I should explore allot more into the logo, as due to an after thought, they looked a bit quickly done.
 I decided to work out other ways of creating the logo more smarter and professional.
 Here dicided to play with it being blacked out,
 You could call this being the final of the bunch, I like this for it looks quite simple and smart.


Creature Studios, is our final name of our group, when creating these I had two ideas, of puting "studio" under the logo and another with it inside.

 Playing with elements, that I have already played, with I like this style of logo, personaly I prefer the logo with the "studios" with inside the graphic. 

The one above, I found quite simple yet smart.

I liked playing with the bevel, to give it a tad 3D effect.

 Again I tried out the glow edge tool, but I came to the conclusion, of it looking a bit cheap,

The ones below I found to be quite smart and sleek style.



 Personally these are my favorit, I created these, by highly beveling, and puting a gradiant overlay up on it, and then changing the coloures, I like the way the bevel leaps the graphic out towards you, making the graphic look like creature its self.

 These where done after, taking influence of the one earlier, but after doing the highly 3D look, I feel these look slightly more dull, yet more slick.


These where done after, as a slight after as a slight test to see how the 3D effect would look, and I feel these are quite smart.

As a group will deside up on the final logo, as we will put all our designs together.

Ideas and concepts for the group name and Logo

This is a visual brain storm of Logo designs for our group, originally, we where going to have a classic space ship style to the logo, though by doing this, we where stuck for a name of our group. the discussion of RSM, our initials, with them being beamed up to the UFO, but the name came accross mundane of our initials, after more though and influence we thought up a name of Creature studios or Creative Creature Studios.

mini story bored of ideas that where created

this is a small story bored explaining some of the idea's we created first time round, the story bored isn't concrete, it was just picture what we spoke about that day and possibilities, though since this, things have changed and will keep on changing

B movie's

The first sci-fi B movie I found was while looking for U.F.O

this is:


though this film is for inspiration, it's still also has the Dramatick influence of how B movies where like.



These two films above are strong inflences up on how the cheerleaders, can turn and influence there surroundings


The teenagers from outer space, could be a slight influence up on the ideas, we have for the Cheerleaders, like if we go back to the old idea of the weapons, they may carry

classic U.F.O, B movie spaceships

This image is being a classic U.F.O sighting images, taking influence from these as the concept design of "U.F.O's" or spacecraft as we like to associate the cassic B movie U.F.O's in this style.

Tim Burtons, Mars Attacks, is one of the spoofs that coincide with the classic B movie Sci-Fi formula and takes the mick out of the old styles.

This image is of an actual space ship built by man,

Forbiden plannet style of classic UFO

This UFO was from Earth vs The Flying Saucers film, in which has given me an inspiration, for the flying saurcers its self.


The documentory I found interresting yet frustrating, I found that I wanted to shout out and say "JUST GIVE UP, IT'S NOT WORKING" and I felt the frustation of the actors not turning up, and then the disaster of the flight cases full of equipment floating away down the hill.

While this you could see the passion of how he wanted the film to look, and annoying vission of it roling arround in his mind trying to burst out... but as time went on through the documentory things unravled and ran away with his idea.

YEAR 2 charecter designs

The first part of the lesson we watched a film about the characters of Disney, it had clips of films from the past, we learnt about the formulas of how the characters work, between acknowledging between the good, the bad and the . . . sidekick.


bad characters, are usually coloured as dark purples, blacks, reds, dark blues, and pale whites.

They usually have strong over exaggerated voices.
The movements are exaggerated, and dominant.


The Hero's, the colours are usually, bright, happy and strong. Red can be classed as strength in some cases, such as Heman, but you find that it is a bright red and that Grey skull u find has Dull, blues and purples.

The Hero's usually are more human like, and we can relate to them much more easier, and voice wise they are less exaggerated and more to our own level

The hero's movement again we can relate to, but again do use exaggerated movements to show their own power.


Sidekicks CAN be wacky things, that mean nothing but are a use to both, elements of the good and bad, they are usually the humour of the setting, for example the dragon from Mulan, is there to guide, her and is usually the funny part of the film, and as seen in emperors new grove, kronk, Is strong but is dumb but again funny.

The second part of the session, our exercise was to create characters, by giving us playing cards, that where like 4 of spades, or kings or 7 of hearts.

each number of type symbolized a category on a list, by pulling out two of these cards and finding out what card you had, it came out with two types on the list for example, you got 3 spades, and 7 hearts, you would look on the list, it would equal to a zombie, traffic warden.

This idea came up with a random amounts of combinations to go up on.

The first combination I had was vampire traffic warden.

I admit that my character designing is not my strongest element, but is something, I'm more than willing to improve up on.

After creating a few we where allowed to choose another two random cards, and this time I got Rabid, Scientist, this was one of my strongest characters, of them all, as having a beastly jackal and hide feel to it.

Coming up on my last final picking I got Holy Cheerleader, inwich whom I decided to create as angilic and light, though her legs I feel went strange.

Once this was done, it came to our main final theme to what our character project was going to be based up on, this time from a different list, I got Highschool, Super hero's.

When hearing about my options, I quickly started thinking up of characters that could be reprosented with in high school, and how they could be turnned into super heros I jotted down as many ideas as I could, example:



Popula Girl

Annoying girl


Rocker dude

Sports achiever

Head master

I also instantly thought of X Men, the way they are set out, being that, Nerd is like Professor Charles Xavier, and the others being run by him, but then it came down to the head master, for that we all as kids look up to him, or rebel, so I decided to maybe have the head master, be the nerds creation and the head master being his sidekick instead, (role reversal, you think, the head is in control, when it's the nerd) this came to a slide wander of how I would show this, in the characteristics of the head master...

For one, I would make the head master, a bit dumb looking, clumsy, But yet when needed, very useful to the nerd, I was thinking of a Herman Munster Look to the head master, (very tall and flat headed but more serious)