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50's toy skate turn arround

Front and back view of the 50's roller skate, all I need to do now is the 80's I feel I'm very close to creating these.

This is a colour swatch I have created for the 1950's, I have looked at a range of coloures from numerous toys and cars, I particualy looked at the at the rusted toys as, it maybe I nice texture reference in the future, being that these toys will be old looking.  

The latest 80's toy

This is the latest idea on the 80's roller skate, Im really happy on how this has turnned out, its influenced by a few of the other silhouettes, I did and re changed them arround. With in this you will see a few iconic and plasticy 80's shapes, such as the battery compartment, the Gobots robot head and the big chunky weapons.   

This is the main concept I built the idea from. The AA battery pack at first was going to be covered up with just AA wrote up on it, I then thought that most old toys have the bettery compartments missing. 

After discuessing with phil, I'm glad to have this as a final chosen 50's toy, I like this due to its shape and weapon, I improved up on the back, giving it a back moter, as phil said it was lacking something at the back on the origenal. It has been a ;ong road to get to this stage I'm glad now I can move forward more. 

the 50's scud roller skate toy

This is based from the scud roket launcher from the 1950's being that the cold war was arround the 50's 60's 70's and 80's.

this is concept 5 of the 50's rollerskate I've made it out to be a grabber, to be able to pick up objects with the robot arm. I have a few more ideas with these peace so I will work up on them.

new silhouetts

These are the new set of silhouets I have been work on today I have one more to work into and that is number two. Once I have done all of them I shall present them all together on one canvas.

The grabber

After looking at my silhouetts I started to thing something was missing, I suddenly thought of the classic robit arm, so I instantly found an image and created the silhouette of it and started adapting it. this looks as if it could be a crain or a grabber for something.

The Axe

before creating this, I was twerling around the silhouette of the Mr Machine Head, and I had it on its side, and Ethen, said that it looked like an axe, that was it, it had to be its weapon, so I quickly built a structure to compliment it.

the 50's tesla toy

When I first created the silhouette, I found that it was a really nice shape to adapt, but had not mutch of an idea of its weapon, I remembered the tesla coil from Red Alert 2. Tesla coils were being experimented with during the 50's, also Red Alart is based in the context of America vs Russians and the cold war. 

This is a moden Tesla, it reminds me of the first Lost in Space robot, of the 1950's.

Number 2 would work from building up static electirsity, by the round part at the bottom, being split in half, and rubbing against each other really fast.  

further designing and ideas

I feel I haven't cracked the 50's vehicle yet, and while creating this I had a slight problem with the robot style head, I felt it looked a tad more like a radiater, maybe that is what it could well be, like a vehicle grill, but then I felt its iconicness wasn't there, this maybe my head looking for perfection. Over all I am pleased, with the design. I felt putting the marble sling shot would be a good idea to get accross the use of the two ray gun, barrels. A long with this I was starting to think of the the textures of the toy, like the plastics and metals

So I decided to practice this, by studying from other objects, and practicing the highlights and texture.



These are a group of ideas, created by using silhouettes, it has been a slight struggle as mainly on how to start the shapes, and get the shapes working from the start, so some of these took mutch longer than I thought, as
I went down my old thought process of over thinking and slowing up. I need to free my self up and became quicker. But now I have the bases of these I can work more up on them and change and combine them more.       


I just hit up on a gold mine of 50's robot collection


these are the first ever silhouettes I've worked into, I've really enjoyed doing  these and studieing the tutorials. You may not see it but number 2 has a hint of colour to it

 the 80's shoes I really struggled on as there was a large open space to fill and took a lot of time trying to work out how to fill it.

here I took the advantage of mixing two techniques together, I remember watching the building tutorial and the way the guy mixed normal images in with the buildings, here I had an idea of mixing toy textures in with the silhouettes.

todays play with the 80's toys and alchemy

 Today I learnt Alchemy from Bob and it is a really intreaging program and interresting the way it throughs shapes down on the canvas, there are some really nice shapes I can play with here.

Yesterday I struggled about trying to get 80's shapes on the roller skate, but today I feel that I cracked it. I'm 50/50 on whether to use the gears on the 80's cus it may drag it out its time zone, but over all I feel that im finally making some big progress.


Creating silhouettes has been quite fun, but finding images, and nice angles has been another story, and has broadened the creation much more ferther, and the exploration in shapes.

I feel the shapes on the 50's vehicle has some really nice shapes developing

The 80's toys are were im strugling on due to the angles of the toys, as you can see the toys above have a straigt on view, compared to the roller skate bellow. I also played around on were to cut parts of teh 80's skate has helped.

Ideas and concepts thoughts and feelings

I've had so awesome ideas since Alans talk on friday and the attic being really fun and cartoony

working out how thing work and look

The final tactical goal to get over the terrain is to fly

here I have created a 50's colour map I have found all the colours really pastally and allot of the Tin robots have the detailes painted onto them. The red colour seems to be the most brightest of the colours

The 50's shapes come accros fluid and airodynamic along with a rocket style,

 The 80's coloures are very bright and loud

The 80's comes accross bulky and chunky and very mass produced

I have a strange confution about the 80's skate of cutting the top half of the skate away to make more space for the rest of the weapons

the wing idea of the clock work toy flying, i felt at this stage i was looking at things too technically and litrolly

generick catapults using toy arms.

Finalizing Baterry operated toy, is quite hard, as of all its weapons, that you collect. This is inspired by all the 80's toys I've seen, though it seems very cluttered.

Taking the shoe into a more off road, RC tires, I', feelling that I may create a few mid process for the vehicles, as during the game you will chop and change parts to suit the obsticals arround you in the attic, the main thing I'm going to have to work out is:

A) the colour
B) the look and style
C) the finallised weapons up on the vehicles
D) the final vehical its sedlf.