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Oliver Twist Transcription

This is the first piece of artwork, and concept design for my transcription. It is not yet finished, and am quite nervous of drawing in the brick detail as it may mess it up. never the less I feel that must be done but with great care and attention, the few things that i notice is the un evenness of the supports under the walk way, I am tempted to re correct this. 

For my transcription I am doing a game concept design of the book Oliver twist.

The game would be sandbox based games, those like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia.

If playing this game for real you would be able to walk around the streets of Victorian London as Oliver Twist and going through the story of Oliver Twist.

The concept is created by many elements of the visual research I've gathered prier to this and reading through descriptions of what it was like.

trying to get back to where i was (not easy)

Amongst the time trying to care for my mum  as last week she found that she has DVT (blood clots) and is in real pain at the moment this is how far i've battled to try and recouporate what i've lost

here the links to what I had done

before loosing it I was geting on what my character really well

Title Page concepts

These title pages are not in order

These are concepts of the title pages

 I changed the back drop to the second one as I later discovered that I used the same image twice

as you see up this title page here

Two concepts of the front cover

 back cover of the book

I think this will be renamed

DVD/CD cover concepts

DVD/CD cover concepts

Last night I was taking ideas from Richard about our final DVD cover, and going back and forward with concepts of it and taking his advice on how it should look.

CD font cover

DVD cover

CD disk its self

the first time on my own have laid out UV's

This is the first time I've ever laid out UV's, Richard helped me lay out the floor and the right wall, and then after that after doing the left wall and ceiling I got then got the hang of it, and now I fully understand it.

scene lighting tests

Sun light tests

Trying to create day light with in this scene has been a nightmare, using all sorts of combinations of lights.

The main thing that kept being the main problem was trying to get the light light to be natural enough, here the light is way to bright and the glow play behind was blowing out the scene with colour

This was one of the more better scenes, but this fell apart as when I forgot to put the depth shadows up on it...

so with more compromise this is one of the latest scenes

At this moment I'm laying out the UV's

presently working at this moment

Gustave Dore's

Gustave Dore's 

Thank you so mutch for sudgesting Gustave Dore's, These are brilliant expressions of victorian London

The starkness of these streets is what I really want to capture with in this game.

I wouldn't like to be in London at this time, how could the snobbery be so bad, for any of the rich to icnore what was going on arround them.

William Hogarth

Willian Hogarth is also another realy good example of the squala of what people where in

though this has a strong expression of the characterristiscs