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more slime mold

look up on more visual imagery for slime mold., (strangely this reminds me of gone off expanding foam)

fist kinda concept, though not strong in what I want though

this isthe first of one of my concepts, though I'm not very impressed with it, but I feel it is a start up experimenting so far. though I think maybe I'm jumping in too early in looks. . . that I want... (running before I walk??)

slime molds and mushroom vid

this vid I found very interesting for a bases on how these things grow


Dictyostelium short

sadly these vids is very short

mold formation

looking at these, it seems to remind me of ant colonies on how they work together to build and mold together

(^if you see what I mean here^)

I'm finding these vids very intriguing to watch and to start visualise the possible world that I may be looking at...

tomorrow I will look up on concepts and try and get a start on visual concepts, i think I may do allot of stuff with in the sketch book and then tranfer them, into photo-shop

Signal Transduction (Dictyostelium discoideum)

TO try and get an image to what Dictyostelium looks like and how it moves to animate

looking up on these vids, though not sure if these are legit Dictyostelium, seems liquid like

though I'm still thinking of simplifying the look and shape into small yellow liquid like pods... in which begs the question of whether you can move and morph a shape of geometry in maya, for example a square, into a ball or blob... but that shape changing as one peace of mesh... (squash and stretch. I may experiment with this, I'm sure it will be like the bouncing ball project by key framing one shape then, 30 frames later key framing it into another...)


The fantastic voyage was a very quirky film. What I took note of, was the way they represented the blood cells, and the mass environment they were surrounded in, I actually believable, though I found the sound quite shrill at times with the music. you could easily tell that the knowledge they had at the t time was quite dated. (The new parts that lasers where new and nuclear didn't effect the body in anyway, though they did hit up on something real today, that, the sub is nuclear powered, as are most modern subs are today)

These key elements told the ere of when this film was made, and everything like that was all new at the time. for instance the Nuclear and the Laser. (another feature is the teck at the time; Big computers filling the space, and everything with toggle switches and knobs)

The other detail with in this film, is the 1960's attitude to women and how they're seen as week and seen to be only to work behind a kitchen sink, and as also seen as an object.

Dictyostelium discoideum For this final project I'm thinking of going in the diection of slime molds

"The cellular slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum grows in the soil as a population of independent, uninucleate amoebae. Upon entrance to the stationary phase, the amoebae collect in multicellular aggregates to form organized fruiting bodies composed of spores and stalk cells. Depending upon environmental conditions, the developing aggregate either constructs the fruiting body at the site of aggregation or transforms into a structure that can migrate to a more favorable location."

J Bacteriol. 1969 November; 100(2): 763-768

Peter C. Newell, Alvin Telser and Maurice Sussman

The area that I'm finding difficult is environment of which slime mold grows, looking up on the representation it looks to be on tree bark

I would like to take some personal stock footage of this my self (find a tree take some picks)

This sort of confirms that slime mold thrives up on trees/rotting trees. though I'm still going to question on whether they do or not/I don't want that to dictate the project and slow me up

This was the generic image that I found on the presentation
Development of Dictyostelium (M. Grimson, R. Blanton, Texas Tech University)

Further searching I came across this image, that I think is the proses over a curtain period of time.

(image from

Taking up on this life cycle of the proses of the slime mold "Dictyostelium discoideum" I may take three parts of the cycle as a three part story to the animation, though the cycle is a mini story bored with in its self.

This was the area I was going to look up on. though I'm tempted to do the whole cycle as taking the three elements of it doesn't look very self explanatory on what is happening up on these.

(sound thinking up squelching sounds, and things being quite slow....)


stpry pre-viz

this is how the story would have looked if I had completed...

mushroom AND finally anti biotics for chest infection

I feel slightly disappointed that I didn't get this done... the last section is confusing to see what the mushroom is doing, but he is shaking off the water after the rain fall.

the other section that also disappoints me is the walk from one area to the end on the 4th scene where mushroom walk across the page, It goes way to fast, for you to take in and for it to express that it is depressed.

for a few weeks now I have suffered from illness, and I now have medicine for it now.

I feel at the beginning of this project everything was going very smooth in which I really hope for my next it will stay just as smooth as it was at this beginning (but all the way through), towards the end things started to crumble away for me on trying to get things done.

personally in this project I have sense that I'm starting to scramble and trying to hold on rather than flowing. And things are becoming spiky with my world.