matt hyland On Tuesday, 12 October 2010

 I found to days lesson really fun, I got the option of the utility room, first off I created the washing machine. the first concept was just two eye's and the door as the mouth, looking at it again, it just looked like a box with two eyes and a mouth. So I thought that the draw were you put the washing powder in could me an eye patch, making it into more pirate like style. With tips from Justin, he helped me see more of how it could be done. 
Here with his concept, I started to build up on it more.

I decided then to create a Tumble dryer to go along side. Being that the dryer gets hot, I felt he could be like the pirates, mate. So taking the Pirate shipping theme, I felt the Tumble dryer could be a ships boiler.

 The iron I felt was very mouse like, yet also that being that you move the iron back and forth, I could imagine him liking speed.
 The ironing bored I felt could be very horse like, or dog like, with the iron riding him around.
The clothing bin, I a vision of it using it's springy shape to bounce around and that its mouth had to be at the top, I also felt it should have a pet sock. (like the odd missing sock you get and cant find the partner to).
 Here I was experimenting in it being worm like.
 After consulting with Justin, he suggested that the bin didn't like having dirty clothing shoved into him and was always grumpy, along side with the pet sock.
 The shoe rack, I had this idea of a rack of old shoe's bickering and arguing amongst them selves every day, coming to think of, a bit like old people, but instead of bickering, I can now just imagine them being like elderly home, putting the world to rights, with the classic "back in my day" speech and them moaning and running down the new latest shoes and trainers. 
 I really liked Justin's interpretations of the shoes, and that the mouth being like the foot area of the shoe, and the female take up on it as well.

 Finally I came up on this idea as well, being coat hooks up on the back of the door. The hooks showing off amongst each other on how strong they all are, and how many coats they could hold up in one go, and even some showing off what brands of coats they are holding up. Amongst all this the door they are screwed to is always getting annoyed by this constant bickering behind him.   
I also Justin's representation of the door, of this highly annoyed aspect showing his annoyance of this coat hooks.

I really did enjoy today, and I have got allot further on with my character designs as well, taking advice from Justin. I was getting highly stuck on my nerd character and it was highly frustrating me for a long while, but I now I have an angle to where I want to go.

After a while with in this lesson I felt that I created a whole world just with in this one utility room, and now I feel I've taken a great leep with in this project.

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