matt hyland On Wednesday, 27 October 2010

This is visual research I have done for how my characters guitar

these guitars are all extremely unique compared to normal guitars, due to the look and shape of each of them.

I love also the way this is beautiful calved out, and I sit in awe at the workmanship gone into it. it proves that guitars don't have to be plain looking or mundane shapes. though it leads to question on how you could hold this to play this, or would you want to, or whether these would just be a show peace like an art peace ever to be touched. if you had the chance to play it, would you? or would you sit and stair?

This style is amazingly carved and is a style that I would like to bring into the guitar with in my own story. I think that the guitar in my story will become almost a character with in its self, like a an object of wonder and beauty. I feel that this guitar is stylized up on a harp due to its classical carving.

I really like this as I wanted maybe a shaman stick converted into a guitar, this seems quite simple look to a guitar and I could imagine it being like a large staff

This looks as if taken from the style of steampunk with the use of copper piping and copper plates and rust paint work .

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