matt hyland On Friday, 13 November 2009

today in the graphics tablet workshop I refined two images the one aboveis a scene that you nay have already recognize, I do like this scene much more, the other was cartoonish, talking to Phil was a great help as he talked to me about the composition.

This peace is what I'm still working on at the moment it is from again chapter 12, when the guy is in the pterodactyl swamp.

This is my sketch book representation of it, as you may figure, is that the photo shop image is not yet complete, the pterodactyl is not with in the picture.

when the image is complete, I will then go through step by step of how I created the image.

(I have been advised by others that it is best to photo copy my images instead of taking a camera image of them, so there for this will be the last of the images taken by camera up on this blog, I've yet to upload sketch book images, of previous ideas)

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Firstly a little moan ... scan your sketches man ... they will look much better... moan over.

    These two images are coming along nicely, the smoke is a little heavy in the top one, is it on a seperate layer? If it is drop the opacity, maybe apply a bit of blur. also as far as I can tell your fire is red but throwing off yellow light, putting some red highlights will define features and also break up the yellow.

    I think the problem with the second one is that the stars are a little too uniform... and you might need a secondary light source to define some of the details and stop it from being all blue.

    Great stuff though.

  2. thanks for the advice :), the camp scene mucked up accidentally, and creating the camp options kept going wrong, I'm debating whether to re create the camp. I see also what you mean about the second image as well, with the stars, not being as random, I may play around with the hue, to create a different colour, as things maybe becoming a bit too blue... :)

  3. (the camp scene got merged together)... :(

  4. Alison says:

    Matt I am so thrilled to see how you are taking on board the advice people are offering, that shows a real maturity. Excellent.

    One question though, in your river scene are all your trees the same shape and size for a reason?

  5. at the mo they're small concepts of tree's, I may change this, I may change this, to groups of trees, and add more depths to the trees, by duplicating the layers and changing the hue,I also like the way you see through though If real, you wouldn't really able to...

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