matt hyland On Tuesday, 24 November 2009

(I just updated this image even more by colour doging the trees, by giving them an extra light detail, it was also advized by nathon a socond year to add some blue arounf the edge of the top of the whole)

This scene is the scene from chapter 12 on where the guy falls down a whole after being chansed by a dinosour. It is an improved scene from erlier.

To improve up on the image, I have added detail, up on the rocks at the top, and added a moon, to give a a scale of how deep the moon is. I have also improved up on the stars; through creating a moon, it helped me to put a light sorce with in the image, to then guide me on the lighting up on the rocks.

The image before does not have as much depth to the rocks although the first begginnings on the lights and tones.

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  1. Leo says:

    Hey Matt, yes I remember that scene it was quite exciting being chased by a hidden predator all alone! I like how your concepts are capturing the evening, while mine seem to be in the day; but yes the moon would be the definite light source to play on, as well as any traces of fires which were seen in the caves of the mountain.
    I like the piece so far, though I think try playing on the walls and lighting more to really give the impression of having fallen into a deep pit. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Matt,

    I think you need to draw some of the light into the pit a little more, to define the shape of the hole... think about how the light would catch the contours of the rock face.

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