matt hyland On Sunday, 29 November 2009

I'm not going to go on about the reasons for why it looks this way, the truth is, is poor time management, I would like to pleed for one more week, this project for me has been a lernning curve for me, and has been a battle of breaking routines that have been in steeled with in me. I now have learnt this, I know what I have done is poor, but I will take it up on the chin and put my hands up to it and not promote the work as good.

this week end I have now a new much much larger desk for me to now work up on and now i feel much more comfortable at home working... so i apologise for the poor work and i do feel that I can do it at home with in this week, and i'm not going to bet around the bush and say this work is good.
Old desk lay out small and cramped with very small monitor

New desk more space computer on left bought from uni grant/desk/monitor

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry to see that your work suffered from poor time management. Unfortunately, a deadline ia deadline and no extra time can be given. It generally takes twice as long as you think to do anything in CG so make sure you manage your time better in the future. Good luck in the next project.

  2. yeah now I'm much comfortable at home working I feel now I can spread my wings more and get on and work, though I wish I had the desk much much sooner. So yeah hoping and praying to aim much higher on this project. But I'm not blaming the whole thing onto a desk situation, its totally down to me and my time management.

  3. D Bright says:

    Oooh nice desk mate, two comps :o nice :P. Add me on ps3? stroody2 - :) well yh :)

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