matt hyland On Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Through the past weeks, I have watched 3 amazing films, all new to my eyes,

one today being The cook, The thief, his wife and Her lover

I say this but I didn't like this film, though I kind of praise it for being in your face, but I also know that they were trying to show across how evil this guy was. I didn't like the part where he killed her lover, and to be honest I closed my eyes, I also hated that he BEAT HIS WIFE, this is an area that hurt me allot about the film...

Though with this over with, I liked the lighting used; the way her characters clothing changed with in each scene through the effect of the light, like the clothing becoming a character in its self, for her mask.

the colours used with in the film reminded me of a picture I studied in national Diploma for a short play But the colours reminded me of the painting called the suicide

(We studied the painting to re create a story represent with in the painting then turning it into a play)

The painting is by Georg Grosz.

again this painting very dark and evil like the film. and the colours also very Simula.

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Hi Matt - your linking of Greenaway's film and the Grosz painting is very satisfying - it's just the kind of joined up thinking that I makes a tutor's heart beat a little faster - and you're absolutely right - the imagery in the Grosz painting maps very closely onto the world of the film. Good stuff!

  2. Alison says:

    Phil beat me to it ... yes Matt that was an excellent connection you made.

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