matt hyland On Thursday, 12 November 2009

taken from another image of the passage. this scene is where the guy is running away from a large dinosaur, where he suddenly fell down a twenty foot ditch, latterly finding out it was to trap dinosaurs. He land face up right confused and looking up at the sky, with the stench of rotting flesh around him.

first as you see I created the night sky, (I'm thinking of using this as a more consistent skyline as from my old sky, they seemed patchy, to be honest I was trying to find a tool that would do everything, but its effect was never any good, I tend to do a thing by limiting my self with tools at times which is something I'm now breaking out of, due more experience)
(^added stars^)

here by inverting the lasso tool, I created a dark gray foreground though it is a whole your looking out of, once creating this I then started the walls of the whole.
I then created the tree scene above by, using paint pot, and covered up a new layer with the green. through both scenes open (e.g the whole above the green). by using a textured rubber I then cut away the main whole; to create the over lying trees above/ adding black to put shading the base of the trees.

Once creating this, I added in the highlights.

Adding depth to the whole. I created shading by putting darker tones around the edge, and changing the occupancy level.
To finish off the peace I added blood to the walls around the whole, to add a slight history to it; though I was debating this, due to that I didn't want the image to look cheesy, but I think it is justified due to that there are rotting corpses of dead dinosaurs down with in the whole.

I think the image went smoothly, while creating it, though I did this during the day without a graphics tablet and done by mouse, but besides that, the image went smoothly and really well. If i where to improve it, I would go into more detail with the rocks.

While showing friends, Charlotte suggested it could be took that your looking at this image in two ways. You could look that you was looking at cracked ground from above, looking at a puddle with its reflection of the land around/ dry river bed. If this was the case and to take up this perception, I would add a blur effect with in the "puddle".

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  1. Jackie says:

    ...or you could position yourself a bit to the side and not directly under the hole - that way you could show a bit more of the inside walls to give the impression you are in, looking out....

  2. hmm that's a nice option, I have got a sketch like that with in my book, I was debating to do this one aswell... this is also of the guy lighting up one of the posts with a match, this post is also blood stained, I've got more scnens forming on there way though, I also think I need to create more sketches, I'm golad I asked the question of that we could use colours, as It brakes me awat from black and white :), I may also after the photoshop induction, I way also see if they sell water colour penceils in the shop, for that these orrigenal sketches where soposed to be done by water colour pencils; but they where cheap and didn't water down. (truely annoyed)

  3. Jackie says:

    I'm sure they sell watercolour pencils... another good tool is the brush that you fill with water - you can carry this around in your pencil case and have a ready supply of water whenever you need it! Ask me, if you're not sure what I mean!!

  4. Alison says:

    Excellent blogging Matt, watching your thoughts translated into images is exactly what we are after, I agree you need to more sketches, its a wonderful way of sorting through what you see in your mind's eye. Jackie has hit the nail on the head,I would also encourage you to move your preception to the side a fraction, to show a little more wall will also let the viewer, feel the depth of the hole and lead the eye to the entrance and then to the stars.

  5. thanks Alison, yeah I may edit this more and try it out soon, what's making me nervous I've not had feedback from Phil, about any of this latest work, I lots more sketches in my book, so I've got more coming, but I'm translating them into photo shop as I go, so there will be an order, to the sketches, I may put up images of work I've already done like the reed one and the others I've done first.

  6. Alison says:

    Just remember Matt, you don't have to convert all of your sketches into photoshop, you can draw and post any of the sketches you have done already, just to show us how you get the ideas from your mind to paper and the process it involves. It helps us understand and guide you.

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