matt hyland On Tuesday, 24 November 2009

this is getting onto the final element of this scene "the camp at night", compared to the origenal, you may see that I have compleatly re-created the camp and re-done the fire, through after this, I had decided to improve the back ground/ night sky.
this image is my most final image I have created, the smoke is far more realistic.

this is the second to last, much more inproved from the last, but the camp was still bugging me, and the fire was very heavy on the smoke, as if burning tires.

this one is the first ever attampt at the scene, I feel that this one is very cartoon like.

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Hi Matt - the top image is such a big improvement - more impressionistic, loads more depth and atmosphere - but, what would happen if you were to shine a lightsource onto the black silhouette in the immediate foreground - maybe some moonlight, for instance - it doesn't want much, but I suggest it needs something to lift this aspect of your composition - to reveal texture and create another level of depth?

  2. Cool :D I'll have a experement :)

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