matt hyland On Saturday, 7 November 2009

yesterday I created and learned more about how I should create my scene... for quite a few day's I have been getting upset about how to create a scene due to creating a forest, the truth is that I've been wound up on this one scene and daunting of it. (For that i was looking at the forest and trying to put in all the detail of the leaves in the foreground at first.) I think I hid my self away from it in which is a bad thing and which this point onwards I wont do... but the brake through came from yesterday talking to Phil the Photo Shop tutor, my first original images where very flat, and I found my self being very wound up about the detail of the trees and plants in the ground but forgetting about guiding the eye and creating a decent image, now with this new information, I fill I can now relax and create decent imagery.

this is a before and after shot (this is bofore)

this is an after shot

the first image is very plain and flat, where as the second image guides the eye through picture, with learning this new technique I feel now I can relax and create more imagery for this week end I haven't got a graphics tablet due it being handed in at the end of the lesson. (the thing i enjoy when creating the sky and playing with the brushes.)

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  1. Jackie says:

    This is great Matt! Lots of depth coming in the second picture!
    Here is the link for The Natural World programme that was on the other day - it might be helpful!

  2. tutorphil says:

    Hey Matt - the 'after shot' is immediately stronger! You know you can sign out a graphics tablet between photoshop classes?

  3. ohh I never knew that :| I mean I borrowed one last week and you said it had to be back by Friday, so I took it that you had to give it back on that Friday.../not take it home for weekend...

  4. Alison says:

    Your second image shows a great deal of depth Matt, althought I was aware of the leaves and trees in the for front I could not help but look to the horrizon and wonder what was out there. Its great to see you are asking for help that is a very mature and proactive way to access your education and take charge. Well done.

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