matt hyland On Wednesday, 11 November 2009

this is the Night scene in chapter 12 where the guy sneaks out of the camp at night.

I had this image pop into my head, so I had decided to create this in photo shop

(here's where the fun begins)

first I started off with the night sky

I then started layering up mid grounds

I then started to create the trees that would surround the camp

I then added more layers to the image to give more depth.

here is where things started to go a bit crazy. this used to be many many layers, the tents, fire, light and smoke was broken up. wile creating this image I had problems with the brushes, as I was manipulating brush options, the red spray paint option somehow turned on and was coursing me lots of brain ache, it came the point where i merged all the layers, carried on, realized my mistake for the blog, step backwards and it got to the point where it didn't step backwards any more and these where still merged sadly. If I was to re do this, I'd look out for the red spray paint option again and try not to make that same mistake.

after this I created a new layer to put below this, to add a touch of shading.

This is my final out come, here I created the main foreground, and created it in black.

when doing this, the main thing I found hardest was creating the light from the camp fire, I was trying to put light up on the tents but I couldn't find the right tool and the red spray option was coursing havoc, (Ive learnt to look out for this option in future).

(ps i hope this had improved my blog by setting it out this way)

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  1. Carl says:

    Hi Matt,

    Using colour dodge will help the lighting, could also do the full on one and set a new blank layer to color dodge and then set the paint brush to color dodge also. Nice looking image though, reminds me of a scene in the Simpsons where they go camping.

  2. yeah, I mucked the camp up, though, I may try colour dodge in todays photoshop lesson, or ask Phils opinion on how to create a nice looking fire, and even may re take elements from the camp and re create the fire, or surroundings, possibly :), but i then don't wanna do the mistake of polishing a turd :)

  3. Alison says:

    I love your blog st out this way, you are showing more of what you think and how to attain the image you are looking for. The fact you have also realised your mistakes and trying to find away to get around them is what I want to see well done.
    Just keep in mind the lighting particularly in the case of the fire illuminating the surrounding area. Would so much of the tents be lit or more in shadow? The smoke would it disapate as it rose rather than stay the same consistency the higher it went?
    I really am enjoying looking at your work Matt.

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