matt hyland On Thursday, 19 November 2009

This is not a complete order to how I created this scene

but here I started off the scene with back drop and stars, originally the stars where very uniformed and in order, I was advised to make the stars more random, so I did this by creating a larger amount, and with different sizes.

I created the moon by a hard brush, then after this, expanding the brush and taking down the hardness to create the glow of the moon.

I created depth to the trees by duplicating the layer and changing its hue and putting it behind the layer in front creating a other trees beyond that single layer of trees.

I also added extra details like the grass and reeds with in the water; i created the water effect on the right by playing and creating brushes.

my final image:

I created the pterodactyl with the lasso tool and filling it

The forground was created by the lasso tool, but then the shapes cut out through using a textured rubber, a lot of the the trees where created by playing with brushes and the then changing the rubber brush to create a texture loose effect.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    just a couple of quick questions

    what size are you working in (pixels and DPI)

    The area around the mid ground trees is a bit indistinct, if the ground supposed to curving round to form a bay?
    I think the water might need some highlighted ripples to accentuate the ground placement, as a reference see if you can find some reference pictures of the Blue Lagoon at Olu Deniz in Turkey.... apparently it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. A night shot from maybe Sugar Beach could be spot on.

  2. tutorphil says:

    Okay – just a few important reminders for week 10…

    1) !IMPORTANT! Hand-in for Perception essay is Monday 23rd November (Tomorrow!) between 10am and 12pm at the Design Office (Jackie’s office on Lower 4th – just up from the CG Arts Baseroom). Ensure you complete the plagiarism form; if you’ve misplaced it, ask Jackie for a new copy and attach to your essay.
    2) Your crit on Friday starts at 9am in Lecture Theatre 1; we will be reversing the register order – so we’ll be starting with Simon Watts, then Richard etc. There will be a named folder on the Lecture Theatre 1 computer: as soon as you arrive please copy your 3 finished scenes into the folder in readiness for your presentation.
    3) All Maya exercises should be completed for Friday morning so Alan can assess them while you are in your crit.
    4) Upload to your blogs your 3 final concept paintings plus a minimum of 5 preparatory studies for each painting that demonstrate clearly your comprehension of the source material and the representation of space. Your supporting research into source material and for written assignment. All drawings from life-drawing classes. Your modeling & UV layout tasks, lighting & rendering tasks, and first digital set as specified in your technical classes.
    5) Please can you ensure that you have a printed copy of your essay to submit in addition to the digital file on your submission disc.
    6) Also – please ensure you copy 3 scenes and essay file into named folder on computer in baseroom by the end of the submission day.
    7) Good luck! Have a great final week – work hard, be amazing, be successful! I genuinely look forward to seeing your work ☺

  3. Hi Matt.
    Dropping by to say hello.

    If you need anything drop me a post.

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