matt hyland On Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'm not going to lie, I need to urgently update this area, to show what films I have been watching.

The first film I watched from this term was metropolis, I found this an amazing film, due to the camera and modern day angles used with in this film, and at the time how innovative the film was in its day. it was amazing how they created the effects with out using computers, and using the only technology they had on offer. with in the story showed many political messages, I picked up on very socialist and communist messages, the film towards the very very end turned socialist.

besides this I found the scenes and sets to be amazing, I like the way they got across the vastness of the great city through the concepts used although a silent film.

Night of the Hunter

This film I found was good with in its scenes, and the sets, I like how the story was planned out. How you got the sense of him twisting everyone around him, and how he used the preacher look to word off any who doubted him. I also liked how the film got you to present the situation as your the true on looker to the fate of the children while every one else in the film was bluffed over. By Phil's words, "every adult they went to let them down" apart from the old lady at the end, in a strange way like the good Samaritan story.

The haunting

I found this really good, the use of camera angles brang out the film very well, they reminded me of angles of some zombie games like Resident Evil (though only glimpsed but not played the game.) I could relate to some of the events in the film used, as i remember my mother telling me that when she used to work at Laybourne (years ago very old mentally handicaped hospital) but used to be a mental assilum in victorian times, but people had a extremely unhappy lives there, due to she was told not to shut a certain door other wise the door bang and rattle off its hinges. It's this film that made me think off the storys my mum told my about the place. I liked the film due to also the charectors played, how the house became charector with in the film mentaly torturing the lady to death. I also found theat they used very few scenes with in the house while each event was hapenning, thinking of house large the house was due to the amount of rooms there where with in the film, this also gave a sence of clostrophobia like you couldn't breake away from the rooms shown.

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  1. tutorphil says:

    for more abandoned asylums...

  2. are cool, some of these images remind me of "Life After People" the documentory they way the nature is starting to take over the buildings :)

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