matt hyland On Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I found this an amazing grate film, i found it really funny at first, and how all the neighbors greeted him with open arms. it's also funny with in how the chemistry at the start worked, you have the Avon lady who was seen as not important at the beginning scene, but then by bringing in Edward she became popular all of a sudden, but on how they all swarmed over him. this film also is set on the old American perfect dream of the 1950's-60's; of pastel colored houses and perfect neighborhoods. This film also takes the idea of the disruptive tanager, what was also a view of the 1950's-60's and on how with in this neighborhood, everything wasn't so perfect due only just by him being set up, he was automatically accused and he was the biggest baddest point of the town. you also recognized everyone knew each other through phone and all new each other on the street and around town. When the police arrive on the scene, you find that the officer becomes the peace maker and try's to calm the situation, (as it is their general job). But again they accept him for what he is.

Simualy to our latest film, I found the cars or vehicles fake, box like or cartoon like.

The end is where all else fails, and is then seen like a monster, due to him being set up by the teenager, all the way through the film you get to really feel for Edward; willing him to speak out, like the scents of the elephant man of him crying out.

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  1. tutorphil says:

    ... about the perception essay; as I haven't been involved, I can't necessarily appease all your (and others) confusion. However, I do have some very basic advice for you;

    Go back to the brief: below the essay question itself you will find the 'assessment criteria' - unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of an actual copy of the brief - otherwise I would copy/paste the exact requirements, but my point is simply this; use the 'assessment criteria' as cited in the brief to guide and formulate your response.

    So, if memory serves, the first criteria asks you to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the principles of perception; therefore, to begin your essay, you should reflect your understanding of the key ideas as covered in the lecture series - Gestalt theory, semiotics etc - a general statement regarding how our relationship to the world and meanings has been discussed in theoretical terms.

    The next criteria is all about APPLYING that understanding; so, what I therefore suggest is, out of the various theories/principles, you select one/some to develop further and apply them to something; if you were to select semiotics, before you could apply it, you would first have to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject itself - whose idea was it, where did it come from, and what does it 'do' - then, once you've defined Semiotics, apply it - my advice would be to apply it to something 'simple' first - because when you apply it to something simple, what is 'complex' about how our perceptions of it are formed is made very obvious; the example I've used is the traffic light - green = go/ red = stop. Of course, red and green don't equal anything - their significance is entirely cultural and created. Then, once you've applied it to something simple, you are in a position to move onto something more complex.

    The way to succeed in this essay is for you to define the limits of your own enquiry - don't let the whole weight of perceptual theory lead your essay, make the essay lead perceptual theory.

    The other assessment criteria is about 'academic style' in the writing of the essay itself, which is something we've all talked about before - that is, finding a formal 'voice' with which to express yourself and observing the Harvard Method for quotes and citations,

    I know what the essay question says (or doesn't say!), but basically you are being asked to use your knowledge of perceptual theory to 'unlock' an existing image, object or sign. If you're doing that, you're doing okay.

    Golden Rule - when in doubt, use the assessment criteria as your guide!

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