matt hyland On Monday, 12 March 2012

today I decided to try out branding ideas and font ideas.

I listed down ideas of names of what could be the game, I decided up on idea 14, 'Sky Rig Rebellion Pirate Dawn' I really like this name, and the change from 13 to 14, I thought that the idea of Zulu Dawn came into mind.
 I then went onto experimenting with other fonts, I asked Bob in which one he liked and he like the mix of 5 and 9, from this I then decided to then mix them

after talking with phil he urged me to look for more types of font and said that this font is too generic. I agree and have now desided to find more fonts, on the university system you cant download new fonts so I will set up a new page of fonts I have found from Dafont

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