matt hyland On Wednesday, 14 March 2012

today has been a long yes productive day, here I am blocking out the bomber, and touching up the geometry in the process, I had a bit of a struggle on this today and I did a school boy error and forgot to save a large portion of it, but also was set from my hardrive, but strangely corrupted one part of the mesh, sadly for me this was the front part of the plane. When I re loaded the scene in Maya, the front portion was gone, so I had to re bring in an earlier version of the front, and re build.

Apart from this, I feel I am now back on track, as you see I have built the majority of the back, and will soon start to ebb away at neatening the geometry. I have also worked out to guide wings, to help me for when I come to build the wings from the main fuselage.

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  1. Jackie says:

    That's coming on really well now, Matt! No room for school-boy errors anymore...SAVE,SAVE,SAVE!!! :)

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