matt hyland On Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Finally UV'ing and planer maping the bomber beggins, yesterday I started off with the wings

Today I figured out the body, origenaly the mid section of the body looked distorted and worped, the mid detail popping out was hard to figure out, with Toms help we finally got the body looking nice, it helped the process by extracting the wings are other elements from the main fusalage, planer mapping the serface and then with in the UV editer inwrapping.Origenally I was going over the airecraft and UV'ing certan sections. There is a lot more to do like the back tale section.
Infull this is the whole list of things to still UV:
  • Armour plated back
  • Wing struts
  • Engine/engine details
  • Nose cones
  • Proppellars
  • Exhaust pipes  
 After this, I will then get on with laying out the UV's neatly in the UV editor

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  1. Jackie says:

    Keep going Matt - looking good!

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