matt hyland On Friday, 2 March 2012

 Today my fighter came to life in colour

fighter page 01 

It has been enjoyable working out diferent styles and coloures, it makes a change from drawing the details and now thinking of the coloures. fighter 1 id the first idea I had, emphasising the tropical coloures, fighter 2, feels a bit half, done. To help me I aslo created a quick colour pallatte in order to help me with the colours, and gain influence. Fighter 3 you can see that is influenced by the bottom fish and also it reminds me of the Red tail P-51 mustang. Fighter 4 is a very interresting one, it is combination of 1 and 2, this really cought my eye, though after talking to shabire he said that it looked too mutch for an enemy fighter rather than the good fighter, so I moved on with 5 and 6. fighter 5 is a more developped version of 3, it kind of reminds me of a supermarine navy spitfire. fighter 6 I went back to gaining influence from the fish colour chart and expressing the deep blues of the fish with in the aircraft, after talking with phil, he really liked fighter 4, but he said for it to be more desaturated.      

fighter page 02

Here is the development of fighter 4, by playing with the Hue and saturation, when getting to idea 4 I felt I couldn't go mutch firther with out making the body too pink or the wings too pink, and not making the body look too enemy like, with the snot coloured green wings. I liked the body of 3 and liked the wings of 4, so I decided to duplicate them and cut out the wings of 3, and replace them with 4. I really liked this, as now I have also gained two seperate layers to play with, so I decided to create another, this time being more interresting, and it reminds more of the lion fish, I also like idea 6 as its earthly and natural colours. 

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  1. I like number 1, 5 and 3 !looking sweet!

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