matt hyland On Monday, 12 March 2012

today has been a very interesting day, I have spent the day thinking more of the branding and the professional look of the game i.e the marketing, on the last project I mist out the presentation element of the game, as I was focussed up on the modelling side of it, and over looked other parts and details that could have brought the unit to life.

I have worked out the final name for this game and that is 'Sky Rig Rebellion, Pirate Dawn'.

Earlier today I was working out fonts from and this is a list of fonts that I really like, out of this list I chose I favourites. 

4 I really do like due to it being very unique out of all that I have chosen. Number 8,9,10 I like due to that they give across the industrialised look, This game is based on a futuristic fantasy world, were the flying cities are very industrial so I feel that these fonts suit this. 15 I also really like as I feel it carries both futuristic and industrial DNA, I could also edit the font more by making it more worn, like numbers 8 and 9. 17 is very similar to 15. 18 is ok but I feel now its hitting a bit too futuristic heading into Sci-Fi. 19 reminds of the font from Iron Man or Transformers.          

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  1. Jackie says:
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  2. Jackie says:

    Actually, Matt, out of all the fonts above, 4 is my LEAST favourite! It' a bit too 'Ninja knife' for me...
    I like 1, 3 and 5 and number 20 has an interesting sharkiness about it. I think you now need to get the 'Pirate Dawn' bit of text into the same fonts, and then play around with different combinations (if you want to use 2 different fonts - you might decide to just stick to the one - but you won't know until you try!!)

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