matt hyland On Tuesday, 13 March 2012

its been very interesting finally breaking this bomber into 3D the I feel that there going to be a few struggles with this aircraft but all willing to surpass and learn from them, at this moment I am blocking out and working out the shapes and details and then like my fighter that is still in the process, of being built, over the weeks I will work on both these planes and will become better and better.

when I went to blog this the idea of presenting my work came into mind and again the branding element of that this could be a real game. I remembered while in the film Tuskegee Airmen the pilots having to earn their wings, and then I thought maybe I could do the same sort of thing, but instead of wings, it would be fish fins.

 After a fun time in Photoshop I created this.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Coming along nicely Matt! I like the 'fins' idea too...:)

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