matt hyland On Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yesterday I went through and smoothed and hardenned the normals of the aircraft.

I also went through developping roundels for the aircraft, roundels are patterns that are on the side of aircraft for other aircraft to recongnise what side they are on. Page 1, are a group of designs with rings around them, XRRS or XRS, means 10th Rig Squadron, or 10th Rig Rebellion Squadron.

Page 2 I decided to drop the ring all together and have just the emblem. From 4 to 9 I decided to desaturate and change the hue and saturation, to create more other styles. The reason why the design is like a drop of water, is because these used to be old rig workers, that are now fighting back against the evil corporate company.

Page 3 is representing, the enemy roundels, the ARP, stands for Aqua Rig Purifications, I wanted it feel corporate and deceiving, as if trying to fool you that they are the good guys when they are not. I changed it from idea 1 to 3, as idea 1 didnt seem very strong as the coloures are too freindly and they dont hit out at you as much. Idea 3 I feel is more menecing, yet still very smart. On 4 I changed the P to a D, meaning defence instead of purifications, meaning Aqua Rig Defence, I'm still 50/50 in using this as I thought it would be good on the aircraft, as they are defending the main rigs from the pirates, but then this then splits it from the main company its self so I feel it is mutch more better to keep with ARP.

so feel free to post your opinions     

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  1. Jackie says:

    For me, I'm not sure about the big Roman numeral seems to unbalance the rest of the emblem somehow. Maybe try making it the same size as the RS?
    I agree - just stick to one logo for the corporation, otherwise you have to start giving each different element its own version! Where would it end?!?!

  2. Daniel says:

    I agree with jackie on the roman numeral but all very nice

    P1 I like #10

    P2 I like #1

    and P3 #2 though #1 is nice aswell hard to choose between them 2

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